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Islam is a way of life

If you learn Quran, you are knowing that Islam is not only a religion, it is a way of life. All the messengers of God from Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, came with the same message, only worshiping one God. The word Muslim comes from the Arabic word Islam. One definition of Islam is to be submissive to the will of God. Muslim is one who submits to the will of God. So all the prophets and messengers are Muslims. 

Let’s learn Quran and talk about Islam properly

Confuse coarsely Muslim with Arab (when there are Muslims who are not Arabs), a Muslim with more when Muslim is a religion: the Moor better known is not the Moor Muza, but St. Augustine of Hippo, a Christian or Berber Christian Moor. The island of Djerba, which was Catalan, is the oldest operating synagogue in the world.

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The Muslim woman is submissive and has no rights?

You will learn in an online Quran academy much more about Islam as well.  Is not true. Has more rights than the Catholic woman can be separated, divorced can have separate property when she marries. Another thing is what your husband, your neighbors, or your family are left to do, but rights have them. The problem is that many women have not been informed of the rights they have.

The symbol of his submission is said to be forcing him to wear a veil. Learn Quran, because it’s very complicated to solve in a few words. If someone wants to freely wear a veil or a red sweater, I have nothing against it. Yes, I am against the obligation of the full veil and that someone or someone dresses in such a way that I cannot know who is under these clothes. Then it becomes a matter of public policy. They are under no obligation to wear any type of clothing distinct from non-Muslim clothing.


Does the Qur’an order a burqa?

Muslims believe that they have the word of God collected at dictation, while Christianity and Judaism believe that they have holy books written by men and inspired by God. That is very different. Muslims believe that the Qur’an contains the word of God. And the Online learn Quran academy only prohibits men and women from teaching sex. And in the case of women, it is added that they cover their breasts with a piece of clothing. There are Muslims who would allow themselves to be killed so that their women wear burqas and it is a mistake.

Learn Quran for took a straight passage

Learn Quran for took a straight passage

This interpretation is that of most Muslims. What happens is that many malicious translations of the Qur’an circulate, expressly misrepresented. Learn Quran because Koran is a book from the first half of the seventh century written in Arabic that almost no one understands anymore. And although 90% of Arabs know it by heart, from the first to the last letter, that does not mean they know what it means. Any malicious imam can make you believe that he says what he does not say. The same thing happened to us with Latin.

Any malicious priest would make you believe that the Bible says what it doesn’t say. It is true that in the Qur’an there are passages that are not understood, how is it possible if they were dictated by God and God is infinitely wise? Mohamed Talbi maintains that the Koran does not contain the word of God, but rather that it is a theandric word, that is, so learn Quran, it is the word of God passed through the hand of man, and man is wrong.


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