Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversions

Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversions

What is a landing pages? Most digital marketers are aware of the answer to this question. They are aware of the undeniable benefits associated with the creation of a landing page. In simpler terms, a landing page is any website page where a customer, a visitor, or a prospect lands. For instance, considering a real estate business website model, a prospect interested in selling his property is more likely to visit a seller page rather than a buyer page. It means that the link to allocated for that page with help the prospect land directly to the sales page where he can add details about his property which he wants to sell.

Every marketing tool has a reason to exist, similar is the case with a landing page. There are different types of landing pages assigned for various objectives. The ultimate objective is to generate sales by converting visitors to potential leads or by directly selling them online. Some landing pages are designed to increase web traffic or to generate more leads, while some are designed to gather customer details for later conversions. For every case, there is a different design assigned for it. In digital marketing terms, these landing pages are classified as.

  • Lead Capture Page
  • Sales Page

For each landing page, there must be a focus point. A focus point can be described as the ultimate task that you want your customers to do when they reach that specific page. It is also known as a call to action. In the case of a real estate business, you might want visitors to rent a home from your web or to sell their property by your consultancy, for that real estate website design for the landing page should highlight properties as its focal point.

Lead Capture Page:  Landing pages 

Considering the aim of the business, a lead capture landing page is designed in a way to generate more leads. This lead generation page is also known as a squeeze page because it provides the only most relevant details that help generate leads. The main components of a lead generation web page are,

  • Lead Form
  • An Offer
  • A Headline
  • An Image

Lead Form:

A lead form is a form designed on the landing page which gathers all the required contact information from the visitors which the company can use for marketing their sales. It is important to make a small, to the point form so that the visitor does not get irritated by filling all the form blanks.

An Offer:

To make visitor give their information in the lead form, the landing page should provide a valuable offer in exchange for visitor’s information. For instance, some marketers, provide free Ebooks to their visitors when they sign up for the form or fill in their contact details. This helps them in persuading more people in exchange for an offer. It should be remembered to provide a valuable offer to the visitor in the context of the business website.

A Headline:

To make people fill in the lead form, an offer is required, similarly to attract people to the valuable offer an attractive headline is required followed with short bullets highlighting the importance of the offer.

An Image:

To support the headline claim, it is recommended to add images as well. This proof helps in satisfying visitor’s psychology about the valuable information they will get by filling their details on the lead form.

All these steps are required while designing a lead generating landing page. It helps in getting more leads which results in increased conversion. These landing page tips can also be followed for any real estate website design agency.

Sales Page:

The primary objective of a sales page is to generate more sales from the landing page. Therefore, it is designed in two different ways depending on the product the company is selling. All landing page designs are dependent on the business type and the objective of the page design which is conversion. A sales page can be divided into two categories as follow,

  • Sales Letter
  • Product Page

Sales Letter:

A sales letter is comparatively a more detailed sales pitch aimed to persuade customers to buy the product online. It is more suitable for online or e-commerce businesses. This page highlights all relevant details which a customer should be aware of before making an online purchase. This can be in the form of a video or a long sales copy to clear all buyer’s confusion.

Product Page:

All e-commerce stores have product pages. These can be made a landing page for increasing web conversions. A product page should have all product details and a direct call to action to make the buyer make a quick purchase. Here the focus is on the shop now button. A product page should highlight the product name, image, specifications, and requirements along with real-time reviews and a direct shop now or add to cart button to ensure high conversion.

Therefore, it can be concluded that all landing pages have a purpose to serve it can be to generate leads if not to sell products online. It depends on the type of business it is designed for. It should incorporate those points to increase the page’s conversion.

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