Knowing All About Merino Wool

Knowing All About Merino Wool

You must have heard about merino wool, which is an ultra-soft fabric that is comfortable, manageable, and delivers high performance. This material is generally used as base layers and socks. And is the most sought-after fabric widely used in the outdoor gear world.

However, do you know what it is, its plus points and why it’s used in making clothes like this type of wool shirts, t-shirts, and pants?

What Is Merino Wool?

This is finely crimped soft wool which is a breed of sheep. The idleness of wool depends basically on the diameter of the microns. If the micron count is lower than, it is finer making it expensive and of good quality. The micron count of regular wool is 40 or maybe more and the microns in merino wool is about 24 to 15 microns and sometimes lower than it. Moreover, because of it, the merino is not itchy and uncomforting, and rough like other variants of wool.

Why Is Merino Wool Used So Much?

Many reasons have made merino wool in demand, for making sustainable shirts, t-shirts, and socks.

1.     Comfortable

This wool is very soft, comfortable, and not itchy. The fibers of merino are fine and easily manageable, which makes it favorable for daily wear. This type of wool shirt men is great to be worn as a daily piece. However, it can be the best choice to wear as outdoor activity gear for activities like backpacking, marathon running, etc. Because this wool is soft and lighter than other fabrics which makes it is ideal for wearing as it’s warm, moisture-wicking, and regulates temperature.

2.     It’s Breathable and Sweat Wicking

This wool absorbs a lot of moisture and keeps it away from your skin. And because of this moisture-wicking property, it keeps your body dry and encourages breathability.  The clothing made with merino is lightweight and thin, which makes air pass through them easily.

3.     Keeping Away Stinks

merino wool polo shirt

As this wool is a natural organic fiber, so it avoids building up stinks. Moreover, because of this functionality of merino, you can wear your merino wool polo shirt for your multi-day outdoor adventures, working out, while traveling without getting time to change, trekking, and for other activities too.

4.     It Regulates Body Temperature

When you wear this type of wool shirt, your body gets stable at a temperature. If you wear them during cold weather, natural fibers trap air and help in insulation. And when it’s warm, it removes sweat away from the skin quickly, keeping you cool and dry at the same time.

5.     Biodegradable Property

The best part of this wool is its biodegradable property, as when you throw it away, it disappears after 12 months in the ground. Moreover, it’s environmentally friendly and returns its nutrients to the soil, and makes it fertile rather than damaging it.

6.     Quick Drying

The merino wool is a fine fabric that releases water fast and easily, it dries before other garments will. Wash it, put it in the washing machine, dry flat and it will be ready to wear in no time.

7.     Wrinkle Free and Durable

Wrinkle Free and Durable

These wool T-shirts men have elastic properties which make them wrinkle-free. You don’t have to iron your merino clothing, take it out and wear it, and you are good to go.

This type of wool is six times stronger than cotton, and it won’t even break after being used over 20,000 times if taken care of.


The merino wool shirts, t-shirts, etc. are very easy to care for and have so many amazing properties which have made it everyone’s favorite. Get one of these outfits and then wear it.



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