JIO Head Office and Their Services in Telecom Industry

JIO Head Office and Their Services in Telecom Industry
JIO Head Office and Their Services in Telecom Industry

JIO HEAD OFFICE – Telecommunication has been one of the expanding sectors all over the world. With the advancement in this field, it has become possible for people to have calls and video chats with their loved ones. The latest updates to this technology and many more have seen the world turned into a global village. Making contact with the people living across the seas is not an issue. And that is not the peak, this technology is getting better with each passing day, and that is why opening ways for new business houses. As the world is moving towards faster and reliable connections, it opens up the doors of investment and opportunities for business firms. One of the companies operating in this business is JIO head office, which is a subsidiary of Reliance group.



A Brief History of the Company

Reliance JIO Infocomm Ltd is the company that is providing the LTE service to the people. It does not provide 2G and 3G service, and that is the factor that stands them out. It is providing LTE service to all 22 telecom circles. Jio head office is located in Mumbai, India. The company in this sector from 2015 when the test service was launched on 27 December 2015 while the commercial activities were started from September 2016. Later on, the Reliance group took over 95% share of IBSL, and IBSL was the only company that acquired 4G licenses in all 22 circles. The company is now fully operational, and it has a large share in the 4G service of the country.

Company’s Business

One of the main products of the company is mobile broadband. It is largely providing the facility of 4G network and voices services to their customers. Along with Mobile broadband, JIO fiber is one of the main services that has gained much popularity. It is three play fiber to a home known as JIO GigaFiber providing the speed of 100 to 1000Mbit/second. The company is also interested to have its services expanded to the streaming of films in cinemas. Interested individuals can check and know the details of this service simply by contacting the JIO head office. It is the best source to have the right information about the service and other details. As the website is run and maintained by the team present at the head office, so it is the only source of getting authentic information.

Customer Care Service

In today’s corporate world, taking care of the customer is one of the most vital. Only those companies will retain their customers and even grow this number, who pay attention to customer care. That is why companies are offering special services, from providing them with information to solving their problem, it is this department that will bridge the gap. For this reason, JIO head office is also focusing on this, their special division of customer care, and it is available to people round the clock KBC winner 2021. As telecommunication is a somewhat fragile industry, there can be interruptions for even slight errors. For this reason, there must be active customer care and teams ready to solve our problems. JIO is taking this situation on serious grounds and therefore has alternatives present all the time to provide uninterrupted services. For those who are still facing any kinds of issues, from billing to poor service, one can contact the customer care team at the JIO head office.

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Avoiding Scammers

JIO Head Office has a special department for marketing and branding, and all the details are mentioned on the website. It has been seen that many people are selling different services and products on behalf of the head office, it is being cleared by the company it only contacts through official numbers. No private person in any capacity can represent a company. Therefore it will be the responsibility of the person who deals with them, the company will have nothing to do with any such dealings. It is also being advised to the customer to report all such scammers, as the company will pursue legal proceedings against all of them.

JIO head office is very active in this regard and provides the customers with the best service. The company is here to protect the rights of the customer and follow all ethical values. Still, some people commit such heinous crimes, for against them all actions are being taken. Those people who are not getting the right response from any of the departments should contact the higher management. People who are worried and have financial crises or any kind of interruptions in the service or problems in billing. The company will take necessary actions against late replies and delay in the maintenance process. JIO head office will help the people and allow them to get easy access to solve their problems.


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