Some interesting and amazing ways of a Virtual KarvaChauth Celebration!

Virtual KarvaChauth Celebration
Virtual KarvaChauth Celebration

As we are all aware of the ongoing pandemic outbreaks, the KarvaChauth festival this year has not been feeling like it should be. While we spent Rakshabandhan staying away from our brothers and sisters, the festival of Dussehra was crowd less and quiet. Even on this occasion, we might not see the same crowded streets with the Henna wala, women shopping for the festivity, and shops filled with KarvaChauth gifts and essentials.

In fact, some of us are stuck in some other places that we can’t even meet our family members on the day of the celebrations. But with the advanced technologies and their applications in our daily lives, we have been able to surpass many problems.

Some Interesting Ways Of KarvaChauth

Here are some ways how the internet can help you with a great and unique kind of celebration on special days.

Online Gifting:

Gifts in Virtual KarvaChauth Celebration
Gifts in Virtual KarvaChauth Celebration

One of the provisions of the internet is online gifting these days. On special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and festivals like Diwali celebration, RakshaBandhan, and KarwaChauth, when we exchange gifts with our loved ones, it has become way too easy online gifting.

On this KarvaChauth, if you are away from your son and daughter in law, and searching a way out for sending the Sargi with your blessings, then pick a set of KarwaChauth thali along with the pot of nuts or a pack of sweets, or all of them together and send to her address. If you are the husband and she is upset with you because you can’t go home on this KarvaChauth, then try to convince her with a wonderful gift on this occasion.

Video call with dear ones:

On this occasion, we all want to be together with our loved ones. Our family, close ones, friends with whom we dress up together, click photos and share the happiness of this amazing day, you can start a video call with just a click and still feel close to them. For the husband who is not at the same place as the wife, a video call is the only way to break her fast. Togetherness is all we want on special days. So being together virtually is way better than not able to see each other.

Personalize your KarvaChauth gifts:

Memories are always special. To rejuvenate your present moment, you can sometimes take the help of the old memories as well. Collect your old memories of this celebration and get them printed on cushions, mugs, on the KarvaChauth thali, or even on a sweet delicious cake and surprise your love of life on this very special day.

KarvaChauth thali
KarvaChauth thali

Your couple’s picture will enhance the charms of this day even more. and the most exciting thing about this is you can easily get a personalized gift from an online gift store within a few days or even on the same day.

Make a Vlog or go Live on your social media page:

Making a Vlog is much fun if you are into video making or blogging. If you have a good fan following on your page, then share the story of your KarvaChauth celebration giving all the details about the food you prepared, your special clothes, accessories, Mehndi design, rituals and customs, and everything. Through this, you can give people some unique goals and also get suggestions for the next year’s celebrations.

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