Innovating Education amid COVID-19 – Preparing for the Future

The education industry is in grave jeopardy. 

Over a billion students worldwide have been forced from going to schools and universities due to the pandemic crisis caused by COVID-19. 

Around 94 percent of students across the globe were impacted due to the closure of schools and colleges. Whereas in the low and lower-middle-income countries the percentage recorded was 99 percent. The pandemic caused in 2020 is said to be the largest disruption ever caused in the education industry. 

On the other hand, the current situation has accelerated innovation within the education sector. This means that it has become crucial for the sector to start educating leaders for tomorrow’s future.

 Over the past couple of months, we have seen innovative approaches in the education industry. From online teaching to learning solutions, governments across the globe are working hard to sustain the industry. 

The impacts of COVID-19 in the education sector 

  • Closure of schools, colleges, and universities across the globe.
  • Potential cost affected by learning.
  • Economic drop leading to learning disparities. 

The world needs to come up with solutions toward innovating education to keep their children motivated toward learning. 

But how are the world educators dealing with this situation? How are children continuing their education, even as schools and universities have been closed?

Sustaining learning and education amid the pandemic crisis is still a challenge. In the same manner, where health experts are scared about the second hit of infection, shutting down of schools is just a single wave of the education emergency the world is yet to see. And the economic downfall struck by the pandemic is seen to be the second hit. 

As much as the economic situation is planning their way to rising in 2021, education spending is said to fall in most countries or even stagnate. However, if you look at the brighter side, researchers have predicted that the education budget may shrink more than 10 percent as government refocuses their funds toward the health sector. 

One of the world education company such as Edvantic has opened multiple windows for learning. From K12 to certification programs in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), data science, machine learning, talent management, blockchain, and business strategy, etc. this company thrives to take the education sector to the forefront. 

What measures are needed to protect a child’s education?

With children and students’ futures at stake, we all need to work together to safeguard the budgets and fill the gaps in finance. Here’s what we all can start doing – 


  • Transform education by accelerating effectiveness, innovation, and efficiency 


As the education needs rise and resources shrink, it is more challenging to support countries to ensure every money spent reaches the frontline of the education system, teachers, educators, and leaders. This means you need to ensure the teachers are paid on time and make sure there’s proper distribution of the education facilities such as a book, textbooks, or computer systems. 


  • Introduce innovation to close financial gaps 


Creativity is the key to everything. Educating leaders is one way where you can ensure the students and children are getting the right path toward education. 


  • Secure the education spending 


As the government looks forward to stressing their finances toward the health of people, we need to ensure we have enough finance to sustain education. As budgets become haywire, many of the financial services is becoming one dollar less for the learning system. We need to stay committed and ensure our education system is maintained. 

Online e-learning and distance learning is now becoming the new normal, as the world looks forward to closing gaps in the education sector. Some research has proven that children tend to retain 25 to 60 percent more material while learning online as compared to traditional classroom learning i.e. 8 to 10 percent. 

A change in the education industry is mandatory. 


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