How Vivo mobile phones have changed over the years

Vivo made a huge splash when it entered the Indian market. Here’s how the brand’s phones have changed over the years. When Vivo entered the Indian smartphone market, following in the footsteps of Xiaomi, it was seen as an outsider. The Indian consumer behavior is peculiar for myriad reasons. 


We give preference to brand loyalty and brand standing over any other metric, which is one of the reasons why most of the relatively new companies do not fare well in the country. The likes of LG, Samsung, Blackberry and Nokia were the well-established brands in India in 2014-15, while the Chinese brands were still fighting the dogma and misconception that persisted regarding Chinese products as mere “cheap knock-offs”.


However, Xiaomi, in tow with the likes of Vivo and Oppo managed to change that perception rather quickly. Vivo smartphones in particular captured the attention of the Indian consumers with their stunning designs, and came with plenty of features that weren’t seen in phones from other well-established brands. Vivo has also been at the forefront of innovation, with the brand being the very first to offer smartphones with in-display fingerprint sensors, and pop-up selfie cameras.


Here’s how Vivo smartphones have changed over the years, while also revolutionizing the smartphone industry.


Pop-up cameras


At a time when smartphone brands were running out of ideas pertaining to the placement of front cameras, smartphone users started demanding for greater innovation, and larger display size. It had become the norm to place the front sensor inside a notch, which was situated at the top of the display at Svensk IPTV. However, Vivo succeeded in giving the smartphone users what they wanted, and in the process, revolutionized the way selfie cameras operated.


Vivo launched its new smartphone, Vivo Nex, in July 2018, which featured the world’s first pop-up selfie camera. Instead of being placed on the smartphone’s display, the camera was embedded inside the smartphone, which could be raised above with the help of a motor. Pop-up selfie cameras immediately became all the rage, and soon, other brands started offering smartphones with pop-up selfie cameras.


In-display fingerprint sensor


Another magnificent addition to Vivo smartphones in 2018 was the in-display fingerprint sensor. As the bezels kept getting thinner, most brands moved the fingerprint sensor to the back. Vivo, however, chose to use the in-display fingerprint sensor, which was an extremely innovative and difficult process. 


This meant that the sensor had to accurately read the fingerprint whilst being under the display, which Vivo managed to accomplish without much difficulty. Since then, all the brands have followed suit. Today, all the best phones under 25000 INR come with an in-display fingerprint sensor.


Thin mobile phones


Vivo didn’t just change the smartphone landscape with cameras and in-display fingerprint sensors. Back in 2014, Vivo launched the Vivo X5Max, which was an extremely thin smartphone, and completely different from the bulky handsets that were prevalent back then. The device came with a 5.5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display, and was only 4.75mm thick. This also made the Vivo smartphone the then world’s thinnest device!


Sound casting


Sound casting is yet another cutting-edge technology deployed by Vivo smartphones to offer an immersive aural experience. Instead of offering an earpiece for the audio, the entire display was converted into a speaker! Similar to the pop-up selfie camera, this technology was first introduced with the Vivo Nex smartphone, and the inspiration was taken from LED TVs that normally use this technology.


Better selfie cameras


At a time when smartphone brands were focusing on improving the rear cameras, Vivo looked at things in the opposite direction. Instead of working on the rear cameras, the brand focused on offering excellent front cameras. For instance, Vivo S1 Pro, considered by many to be one of the best phones less than 25,000 INR comes with a 32MP selfie camera, while housing an elegant diamond-shaped quad-rear camera array. Most of the young adults today demand good front cameras for taking selfies, and Vivo’s selfie-centric smartphones made other brands focus on selfie cameras as well.


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