How to Upgrade HTML to WordPress theme Even If They Are Customized

How to Upgrade HTML to WordPress theme Even If They Are Customized

Here are the simplest and different ways about how to upgrade HTML to WordPress theme? WordPress themes are like shoes. One size does not fit everyone perfectly. That is the reason why people prefer to go for customized pieces. They have been specially designed to fit all the needs of a business. Anyone, who has read about the security policies of WordPress, knows that with each theme upgrade comes a more muscular security force to protect it from hacking and data loss.

Before you start upgrading your customized HTML to a WordPress theme, it might be smart for you to have a copy of the data in the existing theme. Here are the different ways in which even your customized WordPress theme can be upgraded.

Different Ways About How to Upgrade HTML to WordPress theme?

System automated upgrades

It is the WordPress 3.7 version that introduced the world to the simplest of ways to upgrade a WordPress plugin and customized theme. The system notifies the user regarding any new upgrade available for that theme. Under the ‘Themes’ section in the WordPress dashboard, click on ‘Appearance’ and wait for the number of upgrades available. You can choose which of the themes to upgrade by clicking on it, and your work is done. This is probably the main reason for the high demand for HTML to WordPress conversion services.

“How to Upgrade HTML to WordPress theme” The whole process sounds easy. There are a couple of things to keep in mind, though. When one tries to update a customize WordPress theme automatically, the update loses the customization of the theme. It is also one of the biggest reasons for data loss at the time of upgrade. This is why it is advisable to have a backup of the data and most importantly, do the upgrades manually. Lest you end up losing the benefits of the WordPress customization service and even some of the special features, but if you have no critical data in your theme and you are running short of time, go ahead with the automatic way.

Manual upgrade

Manual upgrade

For most people, a manual upgrade is the only answer as far as WordPress theme updates are concerned. It might take a little more time and effort than the automatic process, but it safeguards your data from being lost. Though the process to upgrade is pretty simple, you should not hold yourself back from asking for HTML to WordPress theme conversion service or any update service. The process has been broken down into four simple steps that can help you update even your customized WordPress theme.

Download the newer version of the theme

For people with customized themes from WordPress Premium, automatic update is not an option. The manual process starts with downloading the latest version of the theme. Access your account and click on ‘Downloads’ and then choose the theme that you want to update. The new version of it shall start downloading. This makes sure that the money spent on WordPress customization services does not go to waste.

Upload the newer theme version

“How to Upgrade HTML to WordPress theme” The next step is to upload the downloaded theme to WordPress. Go to WordPress Dashboard and click on ‘Appearance’ and then choose ‘Theme’. Tapping on ‘Add New’ followed by ‘Upload Theme’ will upload the recently downloaded theme. Both the old and the new version will be visible on the screen, and the appropriate one can be chosen by clicking on it. This ease is a popular reason for people to ask for HTML to WordPress theme customization service.

Keep the customization intact

There might be some alteration of the theme customization as a result of the upgrade, be it automatic or manual. There might be several customized changes made to your WordPress website. It is not easy to remember each one of them and the point is that you do not even need to. The changes can be traced and reversed by using tools. The comparison of files and folders helps in figuring out the changes. This step locks in the benefit of the WordPress customization service.

Create a child theme for backup

Create a child theme for backup

The best way to avoid losing any sensitive data or customization is by creating a child theme from the existing theme. Like genetics, the child theme will have the characteristics and mirrors the data saved in the parent theme. The newer version can be obtained without any loss of the previously customized theme.

“How to Upgrade HTML to WordPress theme” Some things need to be kept in mind while upgrading a WordPress theme manually. Before activation of the latest version of the theme, make sure that the file names of the old and the new versions are different. The directory does not accept two files of the same name.

It might sound a little complicated but once you start tracing the steps as mentioned above, things become easier. These steps can be used for the readily available WordPress themes as well as the customized ones. So go ahead and upgrade even your customized WordPress themes and enjoy the perks.

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