How To Understand The Great Message Of The Quran

 The Great Message Of The Quran

How To Understand The Great Message Of The Quran? The question about anthropotechnics involves tracing some fundamental theological discussions because in the medieval world theology was far from being a discipline like any other. On the contrary, it was always the device that catalyzed the institutionalization of the various modes of government. In this light, one should read the discussions on the statute of providence, on the will of God, on creation, on the problem of evil, justice, etc. And at the same time, it will be necessary to wonder about those theological forms that gave rise to and continue to give rise to modernity today. 

That is to say, it is a matter of seeing not the theological cause Jewish, Christian, or Islamic in modernity, but how modernity itself reveals its own theological archéin. Providence is not a mere cause, but an origin that does not stop acting in the present. Just think of the device of confession, whose genealogy refers to the pastoral forms of monastic Christianity, according to the works of Michel Foucault.

Understand The Great Message Of The Quran And Salat

For several decades, important reformist and feminist currents have developed in Islam that denounces the traditional monopoly of men, and more specifically of clerics, in the exegesis of the Koran, as well as its patriarchal interpretation, contrary to the original spirit and its defense of equality between men and women.

These currents claim the right of women to directly access these texts and to interpret them from a gender perspective, which leads them to consider the Koran as an important instrument in favor of the liberation of women.

Understand The Great Message Of The Quran And Salat

The first thing they note is that the sacred text of Islam, the aim is to deliver the great message of the Quran and does not have an account of the creation of women from a man’s rib, as does the Jewish Bible (Genesis 2, 21-22). Man and woman are created from the earth without subordination or dependence on one another. The relationship between male and female believers is one of friendship and mutual protection.

In the Qur’an, the name Adam appears 25 times, which is not Arabic but Hebrew, and in 21 of them, it has the meaning of humanity. Nor is there in the holy book of Islam an account that holds the woman responsible for sin and expulsion from paradise, as appears at the beginning of the Jewish Bible (Genesis 3, 6).

Islamic Channel Organized In Uk To Deliver The Great Message Of The  Quran


Quran recitation contests are held all over the world. Talha Gulli, a 13-year-old boy, is hopeful of winning the contest organized by the Islamic Channel in the UK this year to deliver the great message of the Quran. He says that he started learning the Qur’an when he was five years old because he was bored.

And if he had to list the things he enjoys the most, he says that reading the holy book would certainly be at the top of the list. In internet times, the Quran has not lagged behind. Beautiful recitations and sumptuous facsimiles are available at the touch of a button. Imam Ajmal Masroor confesses to being a geek, as computer-obsessed people are called in English.

“If the prophet were alive, he would use the latest technology. He was the most modern man of his time,” he says. Masroor believes that there is nothing irreverent about the fact that he downloads verses of the Qur’an and their translations from the internet to consult them on his computer or on his cell phone whenever he needs them. “The fact of feeling frightened by the modern world contradicts the great message of Quran of being relevant at all times,” he concludes.

Deliver The Great Message Of The  Quran

The course “Understanding the Quran and Salat” is the world’s first animated and illustrated course to learn Quran online academy. In addition, the course is available free online and accessible to anyone who is interested.

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Bottom Lines!

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