How to Know That Your Elderly Parent is Safe, Healthy & Happy

How to Know That Your Elderly Parent is Safe, Healthy & Happy

Your parents are irreplaceable pillars of love and guidance, and if you are fortunate enough to have both of them still with you, then naturally, you will want to ensure that, whether they are residing in a care home or else living independently at home, they are content.

With this in mind, here is a guide on how to know that your elderly parent is safe, healthy, and happy.

Their Physical Appearance & Function

One of the clearest ways to ensure that your parent is managing perfectly fine in their day-to-day activities is how they look and move generally.

If your parent seems to be wearing clothing that has not been washed for a few days, or they are wearing inappropriate items of clothing for the weather, then they may not be handling their laundry and personal hygiene levels to the highest. Other signs include hair that has not been brushed or washed, too-long nails, and, significantly, a noticeable weight reduction.

A serious concern will be if you notice any burns, bruises, or other wounds that do not seem to have been cared for and do not heal.

Their Home 

Another indicator that your elderly parent is not managing as well as they could be is the state of their home, in terms of organization within their house and the general cleanliness levels.

There could be, for example, signs of hoarding a particular thing, such as newspapers or plastic bottles. If you can see evidence of bills that are overdue and a pile of unopened mail, then you may need to sit down and discuss these issues with your parent. One option, either further down the line or sooner, would be to talk to them about looking into care homes in Devon and seeing whether they may well feel happier and more in control should they choose to move.

Look for a clean and freshly-stocked fridge, clean rooms and fresh-smelling linens and fabrics, hoovered carpets, and in the garden, that the trash has been regularly cut and the lawn and plants are not unkempt or overgrown.

Their Personality & Behavior 

The third key component in your proverbial checklist to ensure that your parents are happy and content in their daily life is that of their overall behavior and, more specifically, whether you notice any drastic changes in their personality.

Everyone, regardless of age or situation, forgets things every now and then, whether they are living alone or part of a large family unit, but if your mom or dad seems to be forgetting things more regularly and crucially, important things such as their medication, this may well be cause for concern.

Other notable ways regarding behavior to check that your parents are happy and content include the fact that nothing has changed when it comes to their vocabulary and reference points, that they still know the way to the shops, to a relative’s house, and other directions and that they have retained their sharp judgment skills.

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