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sell any car in Dubai at a good price

How to get the best price on selling a car? If you want to sell any car in Dubai at a good price, you should pay attention to a few things. AUTO BILD gives valuable tips on selling used cars!

For many, selling your car is a big deal. Sure, because often enough it is about a lot of money and very few who offer their used cars for sale are experienced salespeople. There are a lot of stories around that can be unsettling – of car advertisements that go to waste without any inquiries in the used car market or of dealers who badmouth vehicles and want to buy them at outrageously low prices.

But nobody should be put off by this because with a few tricks everyone can assess their car correctly and sell it at a good price. Whether the used car is best sold privately or at the dealer, or how to set the right price – AUTO BILD gives these and other tips on “selling a car”. 

Private or dealer, how to get the best price?

Private or dealer, how to get the best price

Private sale:

The private sale of the used car offers the seller several advantages: He can determine the price and the conditions himself. How to get the best price? However, you also need a little patience to sell on your own, because depending on which price segment the car is in, it can take a while to find a buyer. To sell the used vehicle, the route usually leads through an advertisement – either on the Internet in used vehicle exchanges or the newspaper. If you like, you can also advertise your car in topic-related Internet forums or groups on social media. There are often lovers here who appreciate a particular model.

A note in the car alerts passers-by. An appointment for inspection and test drive is then arranged with seriously interested parties – preferably with a trustworthy companion. A contract can be drawn up beforehand, stating that the test driver is liable for any damage and is responsible for any excess and downgrading of the vehicle insurance.

Have your driver’s license shown in advance. If there is an agreement, the private car sale should be recorded in writing in a sales contract. Corresponding templates are available on the Internet (e.g. from ADAC). Attention: Make sure that statutory warranty is excluded.


Purchase or trade-in through the dealer:

If the car is to be sold quickly, buying it through a dealer is the best choice. The purchase price is usually below the amount that could be achieved with a private sale, but the facts are quickly on the table, the seller does not have to deal with any inquiries or test drives. 

Nevertheless, a little time should be invested here too:

How to get the best price? Obtaining various offers can pay off. The prices that dealers pay for a car often vary widely. The buyer is a professional who can assess the condition of the used car very quickly. He will try to keep the price down based on small defects. In advance, you should therefore think carefully about where your pain threshold is. It is also helpful to know the exact condition of the car (e.g. through a previously used car inspection) so that no additional weaknesses can be “talked up”.

If a new car is to be purchased as soon as the old one is sold, the trade-in may be worthwhile. The dealer from whom the new car is bought accepts the used car as a deposit. Here, the dealers usually have a little more leeway than with traditional purchases, as they also win a new customer by taking them in.

How to get the best price? In general, don’t sell to everyone! Get suspicious if the buyer accepts the price but rejects the other conditions. Do not respond to such “special requests”. If the buyer becomes aggressive, cancel the purchase immediately.

Pay attention to this when selling privately

Pay attention to the tips when selling privately

  • Do not sign anything that the buyer brings! Only your contract is signed. If the buyer puts pressure and wants a quick signature, cancel the sale. The seller makes the rules.
  • Down payments are taboo! Exception: The rest is paid in cash upon collection. Never hand over a car if the purchase price has not yet been paid in full.
  • How to get the best price? Only cash is true! Keys and papers are only given to those who hand over the purchase price in cash. Never accept promissory notes, bank transfers, credit cards, partial or installment payments.
  • Only hand over your car when you are logged off! Otherwise, there is a risk of trouble if the buyer does not re-register the car as agreed. As long as the car is in your name, you pay taxes, insurance, and fines yourself. Even if the handover time is recorded in writing in the sales contract.
  • Report the sale immediately! The registration office and insurance company need to know that the car has been sold. Fax the purchase contract to both of you or send it by email!


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