How to design a Multi layer necklace?

How to design a Multi layer necklace?Multi Layer Necklace

The trend of wearing Multi Layer Necklace has been on for a while and remains strong. No matter how many layers you choose, the best thing about this style is that you instantly dress up every outfit and lift from accepting to wow. The reason we love the layered necklace is that it gives you a lot of flexibility. All you need to do is mix and match your necklaces to achieve a number of different styles. You can layer any necklace, thick choker, to delicate daily pieces.

Layered necklaces are an art form and can be difficult to pull successful. The goal is to look effortlessly chic. While there are no rules for the coat, here are some guidelines to help you rock the look!

Adding layers to the necklace:

The point of layered necklaces is stacking. So don’t be afraid to mix them up. Double layers seem less intimidating if you are just into the world of layered necklaces. Three layers seem to be the sweet spot and most favourite people. It gives a perfect feel to your overall appearance. Adding four layers will help you to look more vibrant. You will look perfect with that.

Setting the right length of necklace:

Choosing the lengths of the layered necklaces is important to properly distribute the layers. One tip is to start with a chain at the base of the neck, right in the collarbone. From there, you can layer up and/or down. The neckline you wear will be a deciding factor if and how you need to go up and down. To easily add length to your necklace, choose a loop necklace.

There is nothing worse than carefully layering your best necklaces just to get them in a metal knot. For the coat of your collars without tangles, it is best to leave each necklace at least an inch away.

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Fill the necklace up with different things:

Combine delicate pieces with thick necklaces to fill your neck. If you have a layered necklace that is very eye-catching, it will blend effortlessly with the rest of your outfit with smaller and more delicate necklaces. You can choose to stay with a texture for a cohesive look, but mixing and playing with the textures of your layered necklaces adds an extra attraction to your layered necklace look. Choose from a variety of textures such as beads, smooth, knotted, fabric or wood.

If you are a confident accessorize, mix your metals for a unique and modern look. The combination of shades of silver, gold and Rose Gold adds to the bold statement style of its level. Why go on with a single colour when you can combine and kill!

Add some colours and metals:

Don’t be afraid to add some extra colour when layering your necklace. You can do this by adding a necklace with gems or cloth. Mixing metal with other coloured materials also adds texture to your stack. If you are confident enough, mix your metals for a unique and modern look. The combination of shades of silver, gold and Rose Gold adds to the bold statement style of its level. Why go on with a single colour when you can combine and kill!

Know about your neckline:

It is important to consider your neckline when deciding what kind of necklaces you need to wear. If you wear a high neckline, you should start your lower layers so that it does not collide with the neckline. For shoulder cutouts or strapless, a necklace fits perfectly.

Maintaining your layered necklace:

One of the worst things about necklaces is the spike necklace. They look great, and you get to stand out in the crowd just by wearing this type of necklace. But this kind of chain managed to drive customers crazy because it would always twist. Another type of chain that tends to bend is the snake chain. This chain may look solid and round, but it folds easily. When buying necklaces online, you should consider the type of necklace, as it may require additional care.

You probably had to untie a chain of your hair before and remember it hurts a lot. Most of the time, smaller and thinner collars can tangle easily, causing your hair to knot. Therefore, you should continue with the medium-thick chain necklaces if you have long hair. You can buy necklaces online and find the ideal thickness for them. In a necklace shop, you get all these details and information about taking care of your Multi Layer Necklace.


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