How to Cure Your Cannabis Buds

Cure Your Cannabis Buds

The process of growing a cannabis plant doesn’t stop at the time of harvesting; taking cure your cannabis buds is what a great plant requires to grow perfectly and finely. The process of growing cannabis is to start from planting it to get the full perfect plant of it. In this weed blog, you will get the full guide about drying cannabis buds and how you can cure cannabis buds. 

When you see freshly grown flowers, it is time to collect them, but you need to cure the freshly harvested weeds before enjoying them. 

What are the benefits of cure your cannabis buds?

Curing is a process that involves storing the buds in closed containers over a period of time of at least two weeks. That helps the plants have the perfect flavor and aroma in the buds right after they mature. Following are the benefits of cure your cannabis buds.

  • Curing increases the potency of cannabis, and they produce THCA and other cannabinoids in a process known as biosynthesis, in which compounds are converted into new blends. The process doesn’t stop after cutting the plants; putting cannabis plants in temperatures of 60 to 70 will produce more potency in buds. 
  • Cannabis gets the unique and strong aroma they get from many aromatic compounds that also give a pleasant smell. A slow cure at the low temperature of cannabis will help the plants to preserve these terpenes better. The presence of sugars and leftover minerals can cause a throat-burning sensation to the user from smoking improperly cure your cannabis buds. 
  • Many growers cut the buds and hang them to dry until they get completely dried and use small stems to bend them. 
  • Buds of the cannabis plant get improved by curing even if the grower overdries them quickly. 

How to cure your cannabis buds properly?

cure your cannabis buds properly

1). Place it to dry: hanging buds are effective best to dry them; if you get high humidity or get a lot of buds to dry in a bit of space, using a drying rack can dry the buds much quicker and easier. 

2). Avoid lights: lights create a top reason for weed degradation as it gives waves and UV rays that degrade the integrity of both THC and terpenes in buds.

3). Protect: this process of cure your cannabis buds is protected your collection from heat; otherwise, they will get damaged from the heat exposure. The weed potency depends upon the process of its production, and heat and light can reduce the plants’ potency. In which use of low temperature will go long for maintaining a better healthy life of the bud. 

4). Maintain humidity in space: temperature plays an important role in the quality production of buds. Too low and too high temperatures can damage the plants from their roots. Your buds will become brittle and crispy with the maintaining humidity in the producing space of it. Try to keep the bugs in between 60 to 65 % humidity during its curing process. 


Drying and curing the buds can effectively change the quality of the buds. We have discussed the importance of curing and the steps involved in the process of cure your cannabis buds in this weed blog; it can help a grower grow weeds more carefully. Using these elements and steps can help a grower to grow quality weeds at home. 


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