How to Choose Mascara like a Pro? Hacks, Tips & Uses


Most of time we buy mascara without initial research. Sometimes we even choose particular things because a specific brand makes it. However, I was surprised after speaking to some persons that many of us don’t know that several types of makeup can accomplish different looks, whether you are going to a party or visiting your friend’s wedding ceremony, you need something that goes with your makeup, hair, and outfits. The brush can make a big difference. As a woman, you will never wish to go out without applying mascara.

There are several options for you in mascara, and it can be a difficult task to choose the best one according to your need and types of your lashes. If you want to apply mascara correctly, follow these Pro tips to choose the right one.

Tips For Applying Mascara

Mascara for a voluminous look

Use these thing when you want fuller, longer, and thicker eyelashes. Bulky mascara usually contains a foundation that makes the eyes look deeper for that dramatic look. The brush is typically thick and full, so each lash is picked-up for maximum impact. This type of makeup is particularly suitable for glamorous events, and dinner parties, etc. Lash tinting is a salon based alternative for you if you want darker and voluminous look of your lashes, says lash tint Fredericton expert.

Mascara for Curvy Look

This curved mascara is best for a more attentive look. If you want to make your eyes wider and open and transform your lashes into seductive curls, then this is the best mascara for you. The brush tends to be a little rounded and contains both short and long strands to pick up each lash separately, including small lashes. If your eyes look stressed and tired, then the curvy mascara will do the best.

Mascara for Longer look

The lengthening of the mascara ensures a longer lash extensions effects. A distinguishing feature of the brush is that it is not thicker, and the brush strands rows are slightly spaced apart from each other so that each eyelash is separated during application to make it look longer.

How to choose the best Mascara?

Each brand has a specific selling description that they give to their product, but in the end, the top three descriptions mentioned above matter. However, even if you choose mascara from your collection or buy from the market, select the mascara that should be according to your need and lash type. Here are some more Pro tips which can help you to choose the mascara for perfect results.

Tips for Choosing Mascara

  • Find out which product is right for you. Every brand offers the mascara with its unique formulation and for a specific purpose. Some provide uniform coverage of light, while others produce a distinct effect e.g. more curls, more length or more volume. First, discover the lash problem which you want to resolve, then research about the different available products and see if those products can resolve your issue.


  • The type of brush will define the effect you will get, so pick the right brush. A large, bushy brush will give you better, hairier lashes, while a brush with sharp plastic combs will provide you with better separation.


  • Avoid waterproof mascara. While it might not seem intuitive, some beauticians recommend staying away from the waterproof type as it is difficult to remove and can leave a ring around your eyes. Instead, try a water-resistant formula with water-soluble ingredients that prevent streaking. Water-soluble makeup is also recommended to those with eyelash extensions.  


  • Pick the black if you have black or dark brown-black hair. Stick to black unless your lashes are blonde. Then you can try mascara in a black, brown formula.


  • If you have sensitive eyes and irritate them, try a dry wax-based formulation that won’t fall and crumble into your eyes.


With a little online research you can find the ideal mascara according to your need.  Still if you think you are unable to decide about it then you should always consult with your beautician if you want a lash look you desire.



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