How to choose a washing machine. Tips for choosing

How to choose a washing machine?

How to choose a washing machine? A few years ago, automatic washing machines of decent quality with good functionality and high-quality electronics were produced by a very small number of leading world brands. But over time, high technologies become more accessible, and more and more brands appear in the catalogs of online stores.

Leading companies annually introduce new model series of washing machines and advertise with might and main some new features that simplify the washing process and significantly increase the price of the washing machine. What does it make sense to overpay for, and what “amazing” innovations can you completely refuse? Should you trust only familiar, proven brands, or is it better to explore options from little-known brands?

In this article, we will try to figure out in great detail what automatic washing machines are sold today, how they differ from each other, and for which sometimes it is worth overpaying. How to choose a washing machine and what to pay special attention to when choosing?

Let’s start by tradition with the most popular question: which brands should you trust?

How to choose a washing machine? What equipment can you buy from brands?

All activator machines fall within the budget range. They cannot be called automatic, since in most cases only a timer is provided on the control panel, as well as occasionally rotary knobs that allow you to manually set the main operating parameters. Leading world brands almost do not produce such equipment. How to choose a washing machine like Area, Saturn, and even Daewoo have a variety of models, but it should be noted that the only significant advantage of inexpensive activator washing machines is that they are compact and do not require a connection to the central water supply.

In inexpensive automatic washing machines with front and vertical loading, the number of automatic programs in most cases ranges from 8 to 16. If you wish, you can choose a model with a steam function or pre-ironing modes. Each brand tries to offer its unique benefits. LG washing machines are often equipped with a direct drive mechanism and an induction motor. Indesit balances technical equipment with the expectation of maximum price reduction by eliminating unnecessary functions.


Washing machines Boschmore expensive than others, but almost always equipped with multi-stage leakage protection and voltage stabilization systems. If you are looking for a reliable option for everyday needs, then you can easily pick up a model with standard dimensions (loading up to 7 kilograms) and convenient functionality. How to choose a washing machine equipments? Good equipment in the middle price range is offered by Electrolux, Gorenje, Samsung, Hotpoint-Ariston, Whirlpool, and Belarusian ATLANT.

Almost all washer-dryers, equipment with an increased drum volume (loading from 9 kilograms), and models with a high economy class will be expensive. Washing machines with a spin level A will also be expensive, as they require more powerful motors up to 1600 rpm versus the standard 1000 rpm. The premium segment also includes washing machines with an energy consumption class A +++, since their high price is due to a more complex design. Washer-dryers and appliances with additional functionality are available in the Electrolux, LG, Bosch, Hotpoint-Ariston, Indesit series, Daewoo, Korting.

Types of washing machines


Types of washing machines

Families of washing machines are usually divided into automatic, semi-automatic, and ultrasonic. In the catalogs of online stores, such a division is already rarely used, since 90% of the equipment on the market is automatic machines. Most often, the following types can be found in the category “type”:

  • automatic washing machine
  • washer dryer
  • activator washing machine

Ultrasonic washing machines

How to choose a washing machine? This machine is practically not sold in large online stores, since the principle of their operation and efficiency are still in doubt. The fact is that once they were created as massagers, and then at some point they began to be called washing machines. Judging by the reviews, these devices are capable of washing not very dirty things, but you need to make sure that the water temperature does not fall below 40 degrees and wash in a small container. However, large store managers try not to mess with this technique, so finding them on sale can be difficult.

Semi-automatic (activator)

Washing machines are based on an activator mechanism. Simply put, it’s just a tank with a rotating shaft with blades inside it. During operation, the roller turns the laundry, stirring it. Since such machines do not have automatic programs, they are usually classified as semi-automatic machines. After loading the laundry, you can only set the operating time on the timer and wait for the result. Of course, the spin mode is also not provided. This is the best type of how to choose a washing machine?

All activator models have a vertical loading type, the laundry is fed into the tank through the top hatch or lid. Their main advantages are their low price (with rare exceptions) and small dimensions. They also do not require connections to the central water supply, so you can throw it into the trunk of a car at any time and pick it up at the dacha.

Automatic washing machines

How to choose a washing machine? This washing machine got its name because it can conduct and control the washing process according to the specified parameters. Depending on the functionality, they can maintain the temperature level, independently determine the required amount of water, dispense detergents’ level, and adjust the washing time.

In most cases, such machines have a drum-type operating mechanism, which allows you to realize the washing and rinsing modes and the spinning of the washed laundry. There are a huge number of automatic Daewoo washing machine repair Dubai, they differ in technical capabilities, a set of programs, washing and spinning classes, energy-saving levels, and other very different parameters.


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