How to Take Care of Car Battery During Cold Weather

Car Battery During Cold Weather

We are all aware that winter takes a toll on the cars and especially on the Car Batteries During Winter. The cold temperature can cause less charging power of the battery and it would take a lot of power for starting your car in that case. Find more about car batteries and their health with Audi car services. With harsh winters in different areas, there are a few tips that can help you keep the car battery healthy and functioning well. Use Audi car services for more information. 

Consider Getting it tested

This is a simple factor as many auto repair shops would offer free testing for the battery and especially in the case if you have not gotten a fresh battery in a few years and want to make sure in winters the battery would be able to handle the temperature throughout. Find out how to get battery checked with Audi car services. It is suggested that you should get new battery for your car every 3 to 5 years and this would also depend on some other factors. If you are aware that it has been a long time then it would be a safe option to get it changed. The mechanics can run battery load tests to find out if the current battery would be able to work well throughout the winters. 

Try keeping it Warm 

Not every car owner has a garage for parking the car in during winters and this can be a great challenge The car needs to be safe from the harsh winds of winter so you should consider taking your car to park in a warm location or covering it up. This would make it easy for you to clean the ice or snow off and would also help starting up the car faster. Find out how to keep the health of your car at the best with Audi car services.

Clean the Battery

Increase in electrical resistance can be due to lower temperatures which would make your battery work more hard than usual. If the car battery is corroded or dirty, that would add to this resistance and you would want to make sure that your battery gets your car running easily Battery maintenance can help in quick cleaning which can be done with water, baking soda and a toothbrush. 

Keep in Mind to Get an Oil Change

Not only can the cold temperature have negative effects on the performance of the battery, but can also impact the engine’s oil. The lower the temperature is, the thicker the oil would be. This means that the engine would be difficult to get started during the winters. You need to make sure that the right oil is there during the winters. Use Audi car services for helpful information.


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