How Mohamed Haris Nalapad become a Bangalore District Youth Congress leader?

Mohamed Haris Nalapad
Mohamed Haris Nalapad

Mohamed Haris Nalapad is the son of M.L.A N.A.Haris. He is interrupted as Youth Congress Leader aka president. He loves his dad so he takes him for inspiration. Several years ago N.A.Haris’s father develops a family by marketing buttermilk, but now they reached a huge position. N.A.Haris dreamed to establish a strong company in Karnataka. Now, he is one of the great names in the Karnataka Congress and also one of the most prosperous officers in the party.


He initially set up a scrap metal store. He becomes financially stable, but he has not got satisfied with that, he required to do something for his life to make it more interesting. He is always required to commit to the improvement of society. Bengaluru Youth Congress Leader president Mohamed Haris Nalapad began an anti-drug battle with an organization that he called Team Nalapad. He was advised not to get connected with the anti-drug energy as it was a provocative subject. But he quit foremost, declaring, that he live once, die once, he will not die every day and follow his heart.


How does Mohamed Haris Nalapad helped the youth?


Beyond the world, young people are developing the future in healthcare, education, technology, food safety, and more. He intends to reconstruct communities and society. 

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Mohamed Haris Nalapad also advised Googling pills to get a clear knowledge of how damaging people are. He said he believed that the youth of now understand their true potential. He submitted a piece of information to the young viewers he has not achieved great things but, he will, that is his spirit or overconfidence, whatever you require to call that, he will accomplish them because he has a dream of big things. 


 he is part of the youth development support, he knows his powers and faults, established intimate and vocational purposes, and have the self-esteem, courage, motivation, and techniques to carry them out and to guide or direct others on a course of action, impact the views and actions of others and work as a role model for the young generation.

Mohamed Haris Nalapad got so famous among the people, not only by his money and political relations, because of his kindness; he provides scholarships for the impoverished students by his charity and also creates and gives job opportunities for the students and the poor people. 


How he became an ideal among youth?


 He became well known among youth, in drug issues. Where he created awareness comp against the consumption of drugs is not good for the youngster’s health and much more. He also helped much youth to overcome drug consumption. Mohamed Haris Nalapad became popular among them because of his soft-spoken nature, caring for students, and also knows how to make good communication with the youngsters. 

In upcoming days Bengaluru Youth Congress Leader president Mohamed Haris Nalapad should encourage bringing young leaders. He needs to discover their experiences, power, and spirit to leverage these for greater richness and more important opportunity. This will be necessary for the development of the state. Knowing defects and rectification are also as essential as giving them the possibility. With practice and the right leadership, young leaders will recognize and improve themselves.


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