How Do You Make Money Through Amazon?

 Make Money Through Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest retailers and biggest giants in the eCommerce world, and that all started on a small scale. Now Amazon is a business hub for millions of people, either small or large scale businesses. It won’t be a wonder if you are also looking for ways to make money through amazon. Almost everyone is idealizing this website for generating the bottom line.

Best Ways To Make Money Through Amazon


2.5+ million dealers are offering nearly 120 million various products on the Amazon marketplace. Amazon offers diversity in product range and tons of unique and unfamiliar ways to earn money. To end up your curiosity and better choose the way to make money through Amazon, we have just compiled the list of top ways from plenty of options to make a profit on Amazon. Let’s have a look!

Get Registered for Amazon Handmade Program

Amazon is providing the facility for artisans to sell their handmade products online through this platform. Like Etsy, the crafters can trade handmade jewelry, clothes, accessories, etc. That is how one can earn money from amazon using their talent.

As far as the world is tech-prone, the love and acceptance for handcrafted products will never end. To register for the handmade amazon program, you need to complete an application form to provide precise detail of your work procedure and outcome.

Become an Amazon Affiliate

Become an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the most excellent ways to make money through amazon nowadays. If you already have an audience on your blog, website, or moderating any social media community, you can turn this audience into an asset. Start reviewing and recommending high-quality Amazon products on your blog/website. In this way, you will get the referral fee for each sale made by the affiliate link on your website.

You can be an affiliate for almost anything present on amazon for sale.

Ready to start earning from Amazon? Get enrolled in Amazon FBA Course which is The Best Amazon Seller Training.

Sign Up for Merch by Amazon

Amazon gives different designers this opportunity to sell self-designed products such as T-shirts and make money through amazon. The artisans can sell their products on amazon without any fear of bearing any cost or fee. The user has to create an account via the Amazon web page, upload the designs with price tags, select a color, and write a description. After getting finished, your product is available on Amazon for sale. The designer has to provide the work while the rest is Amazon’s responsibility, such as packaging, shipping, printing, and customer support.

Earn Via Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon is an initiative that allows you to earn money without getting into any hassle of packaging, shopping, and customer support. Just register your store on Amazon and send the items to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Let this eCommerce store take care of the rest. The peak point is the customer doesn’t indulge in any difference in buying from Amazon directly or from any FBA store.

Choose the product wisely that is also high in demand to grab enough bottom line. By selling via FBA, you are not charged anything for packaging, shipping, or handling except a per-unit fee depending on your item’s weight and size.

To make money through Amazon charges a fee for storing the sellers’ products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and a monthly fee from dealers who have an inventory in a fulfillment center at the month’s end.

Earn Through Kindle Direct Publishing

You can earn money from amazon through KDP, where you have to publish your digital books on amazon and earn up to 70% royalties on overall sales. Kindle Direct Publishing also provides the facility to print hard copies of your books through Amazon’s CreateSpace service.

You have to publish interesting books in a large volume to get a handsome amount of earnings.

Better to go for self-published books, and running Facebook ads will be great exposure to your creation.

Fulfill Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk program allows you to become a part of Turk Army’s remote workers and perform outsourced tasks like content validation, content moderation, and survey participation to make money through Amazon. The purpose of this program is to cut off the more significant tasks into smaller gigs to be carried out by other people quickly at their own comfortable pace.

Try Private Label Brand

Amazon’s private logo brand opportunity enables the sellers to order an item from the manufacturer, put your logo on it and brand name on it, and then sell it on Amazon. This opportunity gives you complete control over your product listings, and you can further apply for Amazon Brand Registry to guard yourself against counterfeiters.

Buy Offline, and Resell on Amazon

Buy Offline, and Resell on Amazon

Another way of earning from amazon is to buy products from retail stores like Walmart and Target at discounted prices and sell on amazon at the actual cost to earn a profit. However, not everyone is suitable to perform to make money through amazon as it requires a lot of research and time.

Sell Your Professional Services

Like many other marketplaces, Amazon allows skilled people to sell their services online, including tutors, carpenters, or counselors. You can serve the people through the platform of this eCommerce retailer and earn money.

Wind up

Amazon is a broad business opportunity, and you get your share only then if you are utilizing it the right way. Opting for one of the methods mentioned above can open up broader ways to make money through amazon and increase revenues through this business giant.


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