How do you choose your skydiving school?

 choose your skydiving school

If you want to choose your skydiving school in New York, what could be better than skydiving around the city? It doesn’t matter if you are just starting or an expert in skydiving, there are skydiving centers all over New York that will be perfect for you. With breathtaking views, breathtaking views and plenty of options available, New York is definitely a must-see destination for skydiving!

Choose your skydiving school, the AFF program in New York

There is a new education system known as the Rapid Free Fall program that is partly responsible for putting New York on the skydiving map. It can be used to allow you to jump on your own or it can be used with a tandem jump.

With AFF software, you jump eight times. After eight jumps, you will graduate and jump on your own. However, for the first three jumps, you will be with two skydiving school jumpers, so you will only work up to one jump for the rest of the jumps. During the jump, you’ll learn everything you need to know about jumping, including safety, how to get a ground and body reference, and how to deal with it after it hits the air.

Things don’t always go smoothly in skydiving, so it’s important to learn these skills to stay safe while you are at your master’s. In the last leap, you can go alone, and thus you can enjoy a complete free fall on your own.


If you want to choose your skydiving school or centers that offer AFF programs, or if you just want to enjoy the jump, you should check out the following.

Blue Sky Farm

A Downsburg Skidding Club

Long Island Skydiving Center

Cue Finger Lake Skydivers

Professional goods

Cue Finger Lake Skydivers

The Blue Ship is located in Gardiner and is very close to the Shavanak Mountains, giving you the best view possible as you jump. It has a professional goods shop that gives you everything you need to take part in a safe and successful jump.

Brownsburg Skidding Club is close to Albany, and although a little further away, accommodation is available, and its parking has heating and air conditioning. You can choose your skydiving school best in New York.

The Long Island Skydiving Center is clearly located on Long Island and offers great views of the Atlantic coast and the Hampton coast.

Finally, Finger Lakes is located in the Skydivers Ovid, which offers an unparalleled view of Finger Lakes. You’ll jump 10,000 feet into the air and see exactly why Finger Lakes are named.

In general, New York has all freely Skydiving Suits centers and they offer great views of the city. This is an opportunity that will never be repeated in life, and of course. It should not be missed.


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