Easy Ways Your Haier Refrigerator Could be More Eco Friendly



Easy Ways To Your Haier Refrigerator More Eco Friendly

All of us are guilty of standing in front of a fridge for too long – enjoying the cool draft, wondering what to eat. As a child, you were probably asked by a parent to not keep the fridge open for too long. The Haier refrigerator tends to use more energy than other household appliances – and the impact can be heavy on the environment, as well as your wallet.

However, you can make simple changes to reduce this and make your refrigerator more eco-friendly. The biggest advantage of some of these changes is that apart from making your refrigerator function better and longer, it can also significantly reduce the bacteria in the fridge, making your food last longer and making you healthier. Let’s get started!

Easy Ways Your Haier Refrigerator More Eco Friendly

Upgrade your Haier Refrigerators

While shopping for a fridge, make sure to check the star rating depicted on the appliance. The star rating system by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) India, assigns 1-5 stars to an electric appliance. The higher the star rating, the more efficient your fridge will be and also cool your food faster while using less electricity than a 1-star one. Haier refrigerators come in a wide variety of 5-star options to choose from. You may choose the other brands as well if you think you come with a budget slightly higher but if you will check, you would find that refrigerator and other appliances have a lower cost and come with around thousands of rupees lesser than other brands.

Less Plastic

Plastic containers, while being convenient, are bad for the environment. By switching to steel and glass containers, you can reduce the work done by the fridge as both these materials keep your food colder. They are also 100% recyclable and last longer. Using steel and glass is a healthier alternative as it diminishes the risk of plastic leaching into your food. You may also check it on your own, keep your food on one side in a plastic container while others in the steel container and will find the differences.

Keep it clean

Keep Haier Refrigerator full


Food spills can lead to the unwanted growth of bacteria, resulting in spoilage and wastage of food. Using non-toxic formulas like mild soap to quickly wipe down shelves and walls ensures your fridge is clean and odor-free. Haier refrigerators are well-lit and spacious, making them easy to clean.

Clean the condenser coils

Located both behind and underneath the fridge, condenser coils tend to attract dust. The accumulation of dust makes the refrigerator less efficient and affects cooling. Use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to clean these coils once or twice a year. The three quick reasons why you should clean your refrigerator’s condenser coil clean is that cleaning a coil will ensure optimum performance.

However, all the fridge models don’t have coils outside so that a consumer can clean them. But yes if your refrigerator comes with a condenser coil outside you should clean it for optimum performance otherwise heat will not be passed properly and it can cool lesser than expected.

Keep it full

A fuller refrigerator makes use of less electricity than an empty one. However, you do need to leave some space to allow proper circulation of air inside the fridge. If you do not have a lot of items to store in the fridge, it is recommended to keep full water bottles. The simple reason behind it is that whenever you open the fridge a warm air enters while cools goes out. If your refrigerator is full, less warm air would be circulated. And when the cold air inside the fridge could not be out your fridge will be cooler.

Move it

If your refrigerator is next to a stove or a window, consider shifting it to a different spot. For each degree above 21°C around the fridge, it uses 2.5% more power for cooling action. Placing a fridge against a north or east wall helps.

Check the door seals

Continuous usage may weaken your door seal over time. To test it, try placing a currency note between the refrigerator and door, and close it. If you can pull the note out easily, your door seal needs adjusting. Wiping down the seal once a week allows it to last much longer.

More non-perishable food

More non-perishable food

Try purchasing food that you can store in the kitchen cabinets instead of in a refrigerator to save energy.

Apart from following these tips, it is important to purchase an energy-efficient refrigerator that helps save your money and the environment. You may have a wide range of advanced and efficient Haier refrigerators and LG refrigerators that can be purchased with easy EMIs.

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