9 Money-Saving Shopping Habits While Buying Indian Groceries in Germany

Buying Indian Groceries in Germany
Buying Indian Groceries in Germany

Whether you are a shopaholic or not, buying Indian groceries in Germany is something you can’t escape from. We spend a handsome amount of our income on grocery shopping. It is an essential part of our lifestyles, things we cook and eat, things we need to keep our daily routine easy, things to make our abode hygienic and good looking, everything requires grocery shopping.

Saving money on groceries is a brilliant job, which needs intelligent moves. Today, in this blog post, we will uncover 9 of such money-saving shopping habits that you can use while buying Indian groceries in Germany.

Let’s start…

9 Money-Saving Habits for Buying Indian Groceries in Germany

#1 Become a Regular Customer

This grocery shopping habit is the most important and straightforward of them all. Research well, analyze the product availability, quality and stick to one store. Becoming a regular customer will let you be on their customer contact list, and you can then benefit from their offers and sales. Also, you can ask for ‘manager discounts’ once you establish a relationship with the manager when buying Indian groceries in Germany.

#2 Stock-Up During a Sale

Stocking up things that do not have an expiry date is always a money-saving move during a sale. Non-Perishable items like toilet paper, candles, matchboxes, LED bulbs, toothbrushes, etc., which we need every day, can be stocked during discount sales, and it saves a lot of budget on monthly grocery funds.

#3 Try App and Website

Buy online Indian groceries in Germany
Buy online Indian groceries in Germany

With the advancement of the internet and technology, Indian grocery stores in Germany are also moving towards online mediums and E-commerce business models. So that their audience can also order everything online when buying Indian groceries in Germany and get groceries delivered to their doorsteps.

It has been noted that to establish an online presence, nearly every offline store is offering great deals and offers on their online channels. Establishing an online platform for customers saves many resources for store owners (store rent, electricity, staff salaries, and much more); that is why they can always offer a better deal online!

Dookan an Online Indian Grocery Store in Germany like to offer some of the other deal all year long like you can get 10% cashback on all orders above 99 EUROS etc.

#4 Memberships

Many Indian grocery stores in Germany are also offering membership plans for their customers in a very small amount of money. After that, you will be rewarded with shopping points or cashback on every product you buy. Becoming a member or participating in loyalty programs is a great way to save money when you buying Indian groceries in Germany.

#5 Rebate Apps

Other than the store app and e-commerce website, other third-party apps also offer cash backs, gift cards, and gift codes on shopping groceries online in Germany. Using a rebate app for shopping is an amazing way to save money online! Some of these apps are integrated with the store memberships or loyalty cards and add up the rebates automatically to your account, while others need you to enter a code or scan your receipt after online grocery shopping.

#6 Don’t Stick to One Brand

The market is full of new and innovative brands, which also means new products and new brands often offer discounts. Every time you go grocery shopping or shop Indian groceries online in Germany, look for the products on sale, analyze the reviews, use your 6th sense and buy it; this will save you some money for buying Indian groceries in Germany.

#7 Compare Different Sizes

Every time you buy a product with different sizes and weights, spare a few minutes and compare the prices. Usually, the more the weight, the more is the savings, but it is not always true. When a smaller quantity of product like ketchup is on sale, the unit price- the cost by weight, can be lesser than the more oversized packaging. And sometimes the tiny packaging price is less even if it is not on a discount.

#8 Shop at Local Farmer Market

We know buying vegetables and fruits at supermarkets saves a lot of time as you buy everything for your kitchen under the same roof. Unfortunately, this costs you more because there are packaging, transportation, and marketing costs included. You can permanently save some pennies if you buy vegetables and fruits from local farmer markets. Moreover, by when you buying Indian groceries in Germany, you will get very fresh vegetables and fruits as compared to supermarkets.

#9 Preserve for Later

It’s not a secret that in-season vegetables and fruits cost way less than out-of-season produce no matter where you buy them from. Preserving is an excellent money-saving habit, but it must be done deliberately and responsibly. Vegetables like potatoes, mushrooms, green peas can be easily preserved and used later; you just have to learn how to do it!


These were some of the best money-saving habits that you can use to buying Indian groceries in Germany.

We hope it helps; happy Saving!

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