Guidelines for starting a career in data analytics

For a few years now, the world is going through a financial recession. The emergence of COVID19 only worsens the situation by introducing lockdowns in the equation. The home stuck population was demanding more efficient services at their doorstep. Due to the increased pressure of providing service and coping up with the economy, businesses are gradually leaning towards data. Many businesses and commercial organizations managed to survive solely because of this newly adopted data dependency. Which in turn is rapidly increasing the opportunity of employment. This article will share a simple guideline for grabbing employment opportunities with data science. 


Finding the right institute 

The internet is full of options, and there is an abundance of fraudulent as well. While looking for the dream institute one must browse and research extensively. As there is no turning back after the money is invested. Any suspicious activity while searching should be dealt with with caution and before reaching any conclusion a thorough investigation is recommended. 


Checking out reviews and ratings 

Making lofty promises doesn’t cost any money. And frauds are extensively exploiting this inexpensive weapon in order to confuse a candidate and steal their hard-earned money. The wisest course of action will be to compare the reviews and ratings with the grandeur of promises. It is important to understand how much the institute delivers when it comes to the promises made for hiking the sales.


Getting in touch with the faculty 

Teachers are front liners when it comes to academia. And there is no other way of gaining information regarding the coursework experience of an institute other than talking to a faculty. Just by assessing the faculty profile, a potential student can comprehend the quality and quantity of knowledge on offer. Additionally, the approaches availed by the institute also determines the future career path of a student hence talking to a teacher can make a serious contribution while making a decision.


Getting in touch with the alumni

Former students are arguably the only source of knowledge when it comes to the first-hand experience. They know it all because they are through it all. It is always wise to talk to them in private in order to understand the details of a course and their professional standing also tells about the efforts made on behalf of the institute. After completion of a course, these connections might manifest in good and sustained employment.


Gaining hands-on training 

A data scientist is expected to handle valuable data, and the slightest error on behalf of a data scientist can cost the entire fortune of a venture. Hence, recruiters tend to avoid hiring freshers and seek out those who have some amount of work experience. Hence, learning while pursuing a course is the wisest thing to do.


Author’s words 

A quick search with Analytixlabs student feedback reveals the perfect example of boldness and honesty. The institute is extremely transparent when it comes to sharing the good and the bad of their courses. Student reviews on the website are by real people and the LinkedIn details are attached with the reviews. It is very easy to get in touch with a former analytic labs student in order to gain valuable pieces of information regarding enrollment.


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