Guide to buying perfect Sunglasses

Over time sunglasses are being considered as more than a fashion accessory. They are not only meant for enhancing one’s appearance but they are also meant for protecting eyes from harmful UV rays, sunlight, wind, etc. 


Therefore, before you buy sunglasses online, make sure you check the following –


Check the lenses’ quality


Lens quality is the primary thing that you should focus on while buying any mens sunglasses. To check the lens quality of sunglasses, try to look for any rectangular pattern with your eye using keeping the glasses in front of your eyes. While moving the glasses from up and down or side to side, if you are able to see the rectangular lines straight from your sunglasses, then the sunglasses are acceptable; otherwise, go for another pair.


Check for UV Protection: 


Many labels mention that they offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays, but they actually do not offer any protection as mentioned. Therefore, it is essential to check for UV protection whether the sunglasses actually feel relaxed while under the sunlight or not.


Frame Material: 


The material of the frame plays a vital role in proving the durability, functionality, comfort, and safety of your sunglasses. Frame materials arrive in various ranges for sunglasses, and one can also find the quality like 

  • Acetate: These are a kind of plastic frame that is flexible, lighter, and more robust.
  • Aluminium: These frames are light in weight, plus they are highly durable. 
  • Metal: These frames are less durable; hence they can’t be used for sports purposes, but they are suitable for denoting fashion and bold statements.
  • Apart from them, frame materials also arrive in nylon, plastic, polycarbonate, and titanium.


Face Shape: 

Apart from eye protection, comfort, and many more, one needs to choose the right pair of sunglasses that suits their face shape. Sunglasses enhance your look and help in elevating your fashion statement. 


Therefore, whether the particular sunglasses work your face shape, here’s the list suggesting which frame you should go for with your face shape:

  • Round face shape: Cat eye, Angular, Square, Rectangular, Retro square
  • Heart face shape: Cat eye, and Retro square.
  • Square face shape: Aviator, Round, and Shield.
  • Oval face shape: Aviator, Butterfly, Top-heavy frames, Retro Square, Oversized.


Other Important Features: 


Apart from fitting, comfort, frame material, face shape, quality, etc., it is also essential to check other basic features. Before purchasing, make sure you check for:

  • Lenses: One should always check the lenses to see whether they are scratch-resistant or not.
  • Sunglasses: Check whether the sunglasses cover the maximum part of your eyes from sunlight or not.
  • Cost: It is crucial for one to also check for the price of the sunglasses according to their budget.


Everyone has a different purpose of using their sunglasses; some consider them like their daily need, whereas others consider them to express their individuality in terms of style. So, the hack to make the right pick is identifying your purpose and requirements. 

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