Good insurance on Safety Features

If your car has anti theft equipment (theft prevention equipment), then you can get good protection insurance from insurance companies on good term and condition. For cars that have equipment such as Central Locking, Immobilizer certified by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), you can get better insurance cover at a lower premium. Because safety features reduce the chances of your car being stolen.

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Research is an important factor in getting a car or insurance of cars. Explore the options and compare the features and rates to make a good choice. I thought my car insurance was the best until I discovered more. Tell my friend about the purchase of a Honda City compact car at Atul Coffee is . She noted her fast-growing car insurance renewal. He also mentioned that the dealer first arranged for his insurance when it was easy. After continuing the conversation, his friend advised him to do some more research before renewal.

Atulne agreed to her suggestions and thorough online research. Atulane saw that there are better car policies. He felt that his current car insurance was not the best car insurance. You should think the same about your car insurance. Read on to find out what Atulane missed during the first year.

Inbuilt add-on

The “so-called” comprehensive car insurance plan purchased from the dealer had only basic features. It offered three primary coverage, which was required by law. It also included third party liability cover and own damage cover. The damage or damage to the car was covered in its damaged part. There was another personal casual cover for the owner / cunning. However, plans are also available with inbuilt facilities. This includes ridership and towing rider assistance, ambulance expenses and reimbursement of rentals. These missed features might have increased coverage and made it a more comprehensive plan.

Dealing with low coverage may be the major reason for not searching more before making a purchase. The same happened to Atul as he had no idea of ​​the insured declared value of his car’s IDV. The IDV is the current market value of the vehicle at the time of the valuation. This is the maximum amount of coverage the policy can provide in terms of total damage to the vehicle. If he had paid attention to IDV, his coverage would have been better.

New Age features

Almost all insurers provide additional facilities or riders at an additional cost. Although there is an additional cost involved, some of them are urgent. If Atulan had thought about these riders, his plan would have been increased by the purchase. Some of the important ones he missed are:

Roadside Support Cover

This cover is mandatory as most of the time Atul travels on the highway. With this Raider, vehicle breakdown conditions are handled. This is worth the time when you face problems like flat tires, battery shutdown or fuel failure etc.

Engine protection cover

Water logging is a common problem during this time, keeping in mind the Indian monsoon and roadways. This affects the engine of the car, which is the most expensive part of the car. 

Ncb keeper

There will be a prize in the form of a No Claim Bonus (NCB) for each claim-free year, up to 50% in years. The bonuses earned from all the claims are lost after a single break in a series of claim-free years. Although Atul is a cautionary driver, he can lose all accumulated bonuses from an unfortunate incident. An NCB keeper can protect his bonus.

Better rate

Comparison shopping always starts a better deal when it comes to policy. Purchasing a policy with all the necessary features; He missed not only comprehensive coverage but also bought them at a more reasonable rate. It is very useful to get more information and have practical use of online platform. Many discounts have been given by many insurance lenders to be cost-effective.

Be it a new car insurance or a policy renewal, understand your needs and find options to get the best plan. Here are some tips to make your car insurance exciting.

The research

Before you begin, gather information. Use the information available online. Understand plans with different options and different features available in the market. Knowing this will help in making a suitable choice according to your needs.


Compare insurance quotes online. There are many platforms to make your comparison easy. Do not finalize the first bid received from your car dealer. Comparison gives you the power of seduction to make smart choices.

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The conclusion

For most of us, the policy we buy is the dealer’s suggestion. But, while renewing we should consider all the options and find out about our policy to get the best at a reasonable rate.


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