Finally, it is their birthday and you just want to make sure that everything goes right, well this is no problem if you know which cake to go for. You can always get online cake delivery for your child.


Cakes play a major role in a child’s birthday. After all, they are going to be the talk in the classroom when they invite their friends because cakes are important to them. The cakes must be chosen wisely otherwise you all know how the children go about it, there are tantrums and the children just don’t want the things to go in this way. So, you can always go for the following cakes which will surely put a smile on your and your child’s face but first, we must keep a couple of things in mind:

  • You must have enough supplies for the party and that is where the reputation lies, you should always have extra so make sure that the cake you order is also a little extra on what you want. 
  • Make sure that there are people available for help. You cannot handle the whole party alone so the work that you have needs to be distributed. 
  • Keep a vehicle by your side for all the supply purposes. You will need it, and this will make your work easier as well. 

Here are the types of cakes that you can go for if you want to make your child’s birthday cake delicious yet fun for them: 


Noe the children have their way of understanding so you can always keep an eye out for their favourite cartoon and just surprise them with a cake made from it. They will surely be happy, and this cartoon can be any cartoon, there are shin Chan, Doraemon and many more cartons that they might like. All you must do is just order cartoon cake online and just surprise them on their birthday. They are just going to jump with happiness as soon as they see the cake that is there in front of them. 


This is someone from the marvel or the DC universe or their favourite princess if they have one. You can always surprise them with these cakes. Just look for what they are into the most and just surprise them with that cake. The cake can be Thor’s hammer to the Hulk’s face. It does not have to be something extravagant and difficult but a simple cake representing these themes will just put a smile on their face. Kids just love marvel and DC or their favourite princess so make sure that you are keeping a note on that as they are bound to change as well. Make their cake the best birthday cake. 


Surprise your kid with the technology, order photo cake online, the photo cakes have always surprised the grownups so somewhere they are bound to surprise the kids as well and you could always go for these cakes.  Get their favourite picture on the cake and make sure that they enjoy it. 


Now, there are a couple of flavours which are just popular amongst the kids, these are chocolate, black forest and Oreo. When it comes to these flavours the kids just love them. You can always opt for these flavours as they are an all-time favourite. All you must do is just choose the quantity and everything will just be good to go. 


You could go for two or three-tiered cakes in whichever way you like, these cakes are just loved by everyone and are one thing that a child looks towards in admiration. You can always mix up the themes. You can make it stacked up with two or tiers and mix it with the captain America theme for your id or a barbie theme. This is sure to be admired and loved and is also a delicious way of getting it done. 


These are another way of making your child smile and they are perfect at expressing all you have to do is just get an emoji cake any emoji that you think suits their personality or that they like, this will be one cake that they are just going to love. 

You can always order the cakes from Bloomsvilla and just go for the birthday without any stress, all you have to do is just choose whether you want the cake to be delivered at midnight or on the same day and you can always enjoy these delicious sweet cakes at the comfort of your place. Just order cake online!


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