Get Fun trail in Street Food By seeing Cook Off Challenges!

Get Fun trail in Street Food By seeing Cook Off Challenges!

If you are a food lover, the first important thing that comes to your mind while thinking about food is Street food. When it comes to fun trail in street food, no other country will beat India. Bcause India is the right place for knowing about and trying out the delicious mouth-watering foods available all over the streets of India.

Every state and city has its own specialty for street foods. Millions of people prefer to eat roadside food from a wide range of street vendors. If you need to find more interesting information about this, pay attention to the upcoming sections.

Special cook-off or fun trail in street food episode

The famous YouTube channel LIT has been started to explore and creating special Cook-Off episodes, and they are celebrating special occasions by conducting food challenges. This is quite interesting, right? So, if you are interested in getting the ultimate fun challenge, then do not hesitate to visit their channel.

In this pandemic, a lot of people are missing their favorite Indian fun trail in Street Food. Hence, they are searching for recipes over the internet and plan to make delicious dishes in their home itself.

Special cook-off or fun trail in street food episode

This is going to be a fun-filled and interesting episode. All you need to do is watch their cooking challenge and find out who is going to winning your heart. Both of them will be talented ones, and they agreed to do the challenge.

Crispy AlooTikki  in street food

There is something about the potatoes which is always managing to catch people’s fancy. And no other vegetable will be as versatile as the potato. You can use it for making cutlets, sandwich filling, soups, and more. The crispy and yet more delightful potato snack is AlooTikki, and it is considered to be a huge sensation across the North Indian Streets.

This time, they are going to conduct the Mumbai vs Delhi fun trail in Street Food Cooking Challenge. The anchor Rohit Saluja tries to make Aloo Tikki, and another anchor Abhishek Thakur has decided to make Bombay Sandwich.

This stuffed potato patty is generally served along with tamarind chutney and tangy coriander. In this, RohitSaluja will make this snack and explain how to make it at ease.

Delightful Bombay sandwich

Delightful Bombay sandwich 

It is popular as well as a delicious snack, which is made by using plenty of veggies and green chutney. These sandwiches are really common while you are roaming around the Mumbai streets. Many people are love to have this snack along with Indian masala tea. In this challenge, Abhishek Thakur is going to create a yummy Bombay Sandwich. Do not miss out on the entertainment, and you can also learn to make the snack at home.

Closing thought

Finally, they are ending up with some crazy punishments. It is one of the best and humor parts of the whole video. You can also find plenty of Cooking Challenges and fun trail in street food challenges on their channel. Without any doubt, people will love to eat roadside snacks because of their specialty. What are you waiting for? Watch the funny video and enjoy your favorite pastime.


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