Faze Jarvis Net Worth and Sources of Income

Faze Jarvis Net Worth and Sources of Income

Do you love to watch online gaming on YouTube? You must be well aware of Faze Jarvis. He is one of the most popular streamers on YouTube. You can see viral video game challenges on his channel. The Faze Jarvis Net Worth is somewhere between 3 to 5 million dollars. According to the estimation, there are chances that his net worth will increase in the future.

He is not only earning from live streaming, but he is also a very famous and active influencer on social media. He is making an extensive amount of wealth from different sources that increase his net worth. People love and follow his style of streaming and make fun of the games. He is one of those YouTubers whose streaming is famous among the young generation.

Jarvis is running a very successful YouTube channel that is named FaZe Jarvis. He is earning an enormous amount of wealth from this channel. There are over 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Some of his videos get 8 to 12 million views, which is a tremendous amount, and pay him a good amount. There are almost 1 to 12 dollars for every 1000 monetized viewers. The main earning is from ads.

Sometimes his videos are selected for highly paid ads. The top five videos on YouTube get the chance to run the highest paying ads on them. There are also red subscribers on YouTube that pay YouTube for watching the best content of the week. He is collecting thousands of dollars from YouTube per month.

Till now Jarvis has achieved 900 million views on his videos. He has posted 500 videos on his channel related to different topics. Sometimes he posts videos of his personal life experiences and vlogs on different topics. He earns almost 4000 dollars a day from YouTube. He is one of those YouTube live streamers who earn a lot from YouTube and made an enormous amount of net worth from it.

Jarvis first started streaming on his Twitch account after that he came to YouTube. Some of the most famous videos that give him a lot of money include YouTube VS. TikTok Free Live Stream, Ranking YouTube Boxers, I WON, Reacting To FaZe Jarvis Memes, and Reacting To My Boxing Fight. These videos got almost 5 million views on each video.

At the start of his career, he posted videos of Call of Duty on his Brother’s YouTube channel named Faze Kay. When he saw his videos were receiving a high no of views and likes, he thought he would make his own YouTube channel and that was the first step towards the Faze Jarvis Net Worth. His YouTube channel got fame within no time and his fan base is increasing day by day. He also has many followers on his other social media accounts that increase the worth of Jarvis on his different accounts. There are 3 million followers on his Instagram official account. He has an enormous fan base all around the globe.

LifeStyle according to Faze Jarvis Net Worth

LifeStyle according to FaZe Jarvis Net Worth


Faze Jarvis is also a tik toker and a singer so his dressing style means a lot for this type of video. He has a large income per month and a part of it he spends on buying expensive outfits for himself. He always tries to wear brands. His shoes and clothes are outstanding every time he appears on the screen. You can see his different unique outfits in the pictures that he posts on social media accounts. His signature dressing is a hoodie. He loves to wear hoodies and his fan following also wear hoodies to support their games. His clothing style shows his Faze Jarvis Net Worth.

He has almost 8 million subscribers on different social media accounts and people also follow him because of his influencer personality. So people try to copy his style. Many merchants sell Faze Jarvis clothes and other accessories to increase his fan base. Hoodies with his autographs and pictures are very popular among gamers of his age. There are other accessories with his autographs that sell a lot.

Other small YouTubers also follow his style to gain as much popularity as Jarvis gets. The equipment that Fazes uses in games is highly expensive and up to date so he can perform much better than his opponents and get an edge over them. The headphones, gaming keyboards, gaming mice, and monitor of Faze Jarvis are welcomed among his fan base.

Jarvis not only plays online games to get the Faze Jarvis Net Worth, but he also plays physical games to keep himself fit. His family is famous for their family workout at their home, that’s why all his family looks fit and gorgeous. All the members of his family perform heavy workouts to keep themselves skinny and healthy.

Years ago, Jarvis and his brother also took part in different boxing tournaments and also won some of them. He does weight training, Cardio, and boxing to maintain his body shape and weight. The diet plan of their family is fully hygienic and healthy so it keeps them healthy all day. Their diet includes rich protein food that lacks carbs.

Faze Jarvis Net Worth supports his Mansion and Cars

Faze Jarvis Net Worth supports his Mansion and Cars

When Jarvis was caught red-handed for using hacking technologies in the games, he was temporarily banned from YouTube so he changed his place to keep his mind fresh and active in this messy situation. He bought a mansion in Hollywood Hills that shows the Faze Jarvis Net Worth.

He bought this mansion for almost 11 million dollars, which is a vast amount for a house. But when you see his house, you say that this price justifies the beauty of the place. Hills covered his house from all sides, which adds to the beauty and the privacy of the house. He uploaded the pics of his marvelous house that is no less than a palace.

This mansion has 10 bedrooms that are fully decorated and furnished. They made all the bedrooms in such a way, which made them highly comfortable and adorable. The bathrooms of the house are also very beautiful and comfortable. The Italian-style sinks and bathtubs add to the beauty of the house.

There is a gigantic swimming pool outside that house that has trees all around it. This is one of the best swinging pools we saw in our lives. There is also a personal cinema in his mansion to enjoy movies with his squad. He decorated a huge room of the mansion for Jarvis’s play area. In this room, there is a beautiful setup of a computer system with amazing decoration that gives the bar-style looks to the place.

There is also a stripper pool in his house that is meant for pool parties in the mansion. This pool gives an outstanding look to the living look and upper portion rooms of the house. The patio doors of the living room open at the poolside that adds to the beauty of the place and gives a marvelous look in rainy seasons. You can also estimate Faze Jarvis Net Worth from his cars.

He frequently changes his cars and also uploads their videos on YouTube. Recently Jarvis got a surprise car from his older brother. His brother gifted him 2.5 million dollars, Lamborghini. This was a beautiful surprise for Jarvis and they also posted videos of their YouTube channels. These types of things show he is living an extraordinary lifestyle.

Personal Life of Faze Jarvis

Personal Life of Faze Jarvis


Faze Jarvis is now only 19 years old. He used to say that he is currently focused on his career and after that he will get a girlfriend. The media thinks he wants to keep his life private but nowadays he is frequently posting videos with his new girlfriend Hannah Ridgeway. Hannah is a model on Instagram and is also a YouTuber. Jarvis said that he had a crush on Hannah for a long time, and now he is dating her.

He introduced his girlfriend to one of his videos. They are spending time with each other and also making YouTube videos together. There is no announcement of their engagement till now and they did not tell their fans about their marriage. We wish them the best of luck in their future relationship.

Life History of FaZe Jarvis

On November 11, 2001, Faze Jarvis came into this world in London, England. He was brought up with his brothers in London. Barbara Khattri was his mother. His elder brother is also a famous YouTuber named Faze keye (Frazier). Jarvis is a beautiful young man with 5.8 inches in height. His weight is almost 68 kg and that is ideal for his height. He has brown eyes with brown hair that looks cute. He belongs to what race. Jarvis is the crush of many young girls because of his stunning looks and income.

He attended a local school in London for his primary education. Jarvis started his professional career at 14 on YouTube. In 2014, he started his YouTube channel and posted his first video. His career started with Call of Duty. After this, he thought he must try other games and he did so. In 2019, he joined famous YouTuber Faze Clan. The live streaming videos of Faze gradually became famous among his fans and he got more and more views on his videos. His hard work and passions for online gaming award him a lot. In the coming years, the Faze Jarvis Net Worth will definitely increase.


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