Faze Banks Net Worth and Sources of Income 2021

Faze Banks Net Worth

Richard Bengtson is well known for his social media name Faze Banks. Faze Banks is one of the most popular YouTubers in gaming. His profession is vlogging on YouTube and he earns a lot from there. Faze Banks Net Worth is somewhere between 13 to 15 million dollars. He is also the founder of FaZe Clan. This is the professional organization that was built in 2010 for Esports.

It includes the players of Call of Duty, Player Unknown’s Battleground, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, FIFA, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. This is the most successful organization for Esports nowadays. He achieves a lot at such a young age. He is one of the richest men of his age.

Although FaZe Clan has many teams for different tournaments, the team of Call of Duty is the best and is included in the roster. This team makes a lot of money for Faze banks and increases his net worth. In 2014, this team won $15,000 for the first time at UMG Nashville. From then to till now, this team has generated thousands of dollars.

In 2021, this team won an extensive amount from an online tournament of about $9,000,000. He is also earning an enormous amount from his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has almost 5.36 million subscribers. He got almost 450 million views on his videos. He gets 600,000 views daily on his videos from different social media accounts such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

He has almost 3 million followers on his official Twitter account. His per day earning from his YouTube channel is almost $2,400. So after calculating it becomes almost 864,000 per year. He also gets a lot by selling ads on his YouTube channel. His videos are often selected in the 5 preferred videos for the highly paid ads. These types of ads give a large revenue. Some viewers also used premium accounts to see high-quality trending, and best content on YouTube, these Red views also pay him off.

The online gaming industry is growing day by day. That’s the reason for the large Faze Banks Net Worth. He is earning an enormous amount of his wealth by gaming. He is also generating money by selling merchandise. Although this needs lots of hard work to grow and Faze did it to glorify his family’s future. People love to see his videos because of his interest and passion for gaming. He plays efficiently. That’s the reason for the success of his gaming YouTube videos.

Lifestyle and Routine according to Faze Banks Net Worth 

Lifestyle and Routine according to Faze Banks Net Worth 

Faze Bank enjoys an amazing lifestyle according to its net worth. He is wearing brands in his videos and his cars and house show he is amusing an outstanding lifestyle. People who have such a large net worth must enjoy an impressive life so other people can get motivation from them and start working harder than before.

People like the style of Banks’ clothing so they demand him to make his brand. He fulfilled the wish of his viewers and released his brand with logos and pics of his own. The thing that is unique from others in his merchandise is that all the clothes are loose that represent the dressing style of Faze banks. The selling of merchandise increases the Faze Banks Net Worth.

As our online gamer does not follow a proper diet plan so he has to do some workouts to keep him fit. Like other YouTubers, he does not do intense workouts he barely does a workout of an hour in a day. He often involves himself in physical games such as soccer and basketball. Some nutrients suggest playing games is much better than doing exercise.

In games you can burn your calories and games also fresh your mind and body otherwise workout sometimes gives stress. So you can lose weight more efficiently while playing physical games. Faze Banks Net Worth forces him to maintain his health because without health his so much wealth is useless.

Faze Banks Net Worth supports his Glorious Mansion

As you know, Banks is one of the founders of FaZe Clan; all the members of this organization play games and upload videos. They think they should make a headquarters of their organization where they can work together so they bought a mansion on Hollywood hills. The worth of this mansion is more than 10 million dollars. This mansion is one of the biggest and prettiest mansions in Hollywood Hills.

Faze Banks Net Worth supports his Glorious Mansion

You can estimate the Faze Banks Net Worth by the worth of his mansion. These mansions have some other owners named Bengston Alexander “Adapt”, Abdelfattah Nordan “Rain”, Cephus Jimmy Iovine Paul “DJ Paul”, Prynkiewicz Nicholas “Nickmercs”, Shat Brian “Rug”, Thomas “Temperrr”, Kolcheff Kiari “Offset”, and Oliveira Yousef “Apex”.

The total area of the mansion is about 12,000 square feet. This mansion is much bigger than other mansions in its surroundings. There are almost 10 bedrooms in this wonderful mansion, along with 16 bathrooms. According to the media estimation, this home is about 10 million dollars but the video of Faze on YouTube tells that it cost around 30 million dollars. The rent of this mansion is about $80,000 per month. And the security deposit is about $100,000.

These eye-opening amounts can wonder at you, but when you see this mansion, you probably say that its price justifies its beauty. There is a wonderful pool in this mansion that is meant for swimming. This pool not only adds to the mansion’s beauty but also keeps the environment of the place suitable for videos and music. There is a beautiful pool room in front of the pool that is full of luxuries.

This house is full of luxuries. It has everything that you need to enjoy and live a glorious life. If you need privacy for your work or some other reason, then this mansion also has a private place for you above the garage. The internet speed of this house is much more than internet cafes. The speed of the internet here is ideal for gaming without any hindrance.

This mansion has tons of places for outdoor activities. At the back of the mansion, there is a lake for boating and fishing. It has a large place for outdoor parties and fireballs according to Faze Banks Net Worth. Can you imagine? This home has a private home theatre that is a dream of every movie lover.

Personal Life of Faze Banks

Personal Life of Faze Banks

In the Hollywood industry, relationships and break-ups are very common. There are only a few actors or celebrities who find their true love. Faze is currently in a relationship with Tyson Salomon. Tyson is also a celebrity. She is a singer and a model. They officially announced their relationship in the media. They often post their pics on their social media accounts. They claim they love each other. There is no announcement of their marriage.

Life History of Faze Banks

Richard Bengtson, known as Faze Banks, was born in Lawrence on the 18th of October 1991. His family lived in Miami and he also got his early education from there. He always takes an interest in his studies and he is well educated. He is a very career famous guy from his early life. He started his career at a very young age.

He started his YouTube channel in 2011 and he started posting videos. His first video was ‘The Single Greatest SoaRing In Style’. His first video that got 77 million views was ‘Crashing FaZe Temperrrs Car’. He was making vlogs on his channel, but soon he took an interest in games and started playing games.

Faze Banks is a very ambitious man. He said that he has struggled a lot in his life because his family did not have any experience in the social media field. There are lots of lessons in his life. If you want to become as famous as Banks, then you should struggle like him. He used to say that his success lies in his hard work.


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