Explore the World Of Recycled Shoes

The growing trend of recycled shoes becoming a boon for our planet. By reducing the burden on manufacturing plants and using the material used in discarded shoes, we are actively able to minimize the waste production of discarded shoes by almost 70%. By reusing and recycling old discarded shoes and transforming them into new recycled shoes, global shoe companies are able to maintain the environmental footprint of shoe production by a significant margin.


Materials used in Recycled Shoes

Here we will learn how the recycled shoes are made from different types of materials which are usually thought to be useless.


Plastic bottles

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate. It is one of the most commonly used plastic materials used for manufacturing food packaging and plastic water bottles. PET plastic is so commonly used in the food and mineral water industry that every year billion tons of it is discarded. But with the use of recycling, this plastic can be saved from landfills and can be actually given a second life after rigorous processing and various upscaling techniques. These plastics are used to create vegan shoe brands recycled shoes. On an average each pair of recycled shoes can have at least 4 to 5 recycled PET bottles’ plastic in them.


Algae growth is becoming dangerous for marine life and water health of various rivers, oceans and lakes. There is an innovative way to get rid of these algae and put it to worthwhile use. The outsole of a shoe can be made with the help of algae. By recycling processes, these algae are dried, crushed and converted into powder form which can then be mixed with a synthetic material called EVA. This process turns the algae into algae foam which can be used for outsole production of shoes.

Organic cotton

Majority of the recycle shoes have their laces made from organic cotton. Organic cotton might not be cultivated on a large scale but it is heavily used in pesticides. To save organic cotton and put it to good uses, shoe companies around the globe are opting for production of shoelace with the help of organic cotton now.


You must be wondering what are the insoles made up of. The most popular material used for insoles in shoes is the bark of a cork tree. Cork is one of the most used materials for recycling and natural processing. It is not only a healthy choice for shoe production but is also easily available for recycling. This helps the shoe companies get material that is soft and malleable enough without having to hurt the trees. Corks can easily be recycled and renewed for new usage.



Thus, recycled shoes are becoming the new reality for a sustainable shoe industry. With the help of rigorous recycling and refurbishing of shoes, we can significantly reduce the burden on our mother nature and manufacturing plants as well. Without having to compromise with comfort and luxury, you can now contribute to a greener and healthier planet.


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