Here’s why EVA foam sheet manufacturers in India are currently in high demand

EVA foam sheet manufacturers in India are currently in high demand on the market due to their excellent quality, use and profitability that accompanies once applied to a business. EVA foam is formed by a copolymerisation reaction between vinyl acetate and ethylene. EVA foam is extremely flexible and is used as an alternative or as a substitute for materials such as PVC foam, fibreglass, wood composites and a variety of other materials and substances.

EVA foam sheet manufacturers in India are currently in high demand
EVA foam sheet manufacturers in India are currently in high demand

EVA foam is an acronym for closed-cell ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam used as an efficient replacement for several products used in the manufacturing process. It is an effective replacement for natural rubber, plastic, neoprene, polyurethane and PVC foams, wood composites, felts, fibreglass and mineral fibres. The EVA foam sheet material offers good gloss and transparency, remains solid at low temperatures, maintains resistance to UV radiation and stress cracking, and possesses hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties.

Although the global market has already been dominated by a wide margin, its usage in the coming years is to grow in the fields of solar encapsulation and the growth of industrial infrastructure.

Consumer demand has increased over time and buyers are actively searching for EVA foam sheet manufacturers in India. Collaborations and even single ventures, which are focused on EVA as the key constituent, are growing to become increasingly prominent.

EVA Foam Sheets and Solar Panels

When it comes to the solar industry, the use of the copolymer film seems to be the best solution in a puzzle waiting for its final piece. This film is the important sealant of photovoltaic solar modules for the construction of solar panels. Acting as a laminating film, the EVA foam sheet helps trap solar cells and keeps them vacuumed underneath the plate.

EVA Form Sheets and Solar Panels
EVA Form Sheets and Solar Panels

However, EVA does not have a high degree of tolerance to high temperatures and needs to be protected with front glass shielding to prevent any kind of harm from occurring.

However, it still plays an important role in increasing the longevity and efficiency of solar panels. Needless to say, if the solar panels weren’t fitted with an EVA sheet inside, they wouldn’t be able to last as long as predicted.

Yes, EVA sheets are used for solar cell encapsulation, but how do they operate and why is their presence so crucial to the development of a solar panel? In short, EVA foam sheets absorb all solar cells and are designed to ‘float’ in the centre of the front protective glass and the back sheet to mitigate any sort of shock and vibration that may cause damage to the solar panel. This helps protect the solar cells and all their circuits. In addition, it also helps protect the solar panel from any kind of water or dirt damage to the cell.

EVA Foam Sheet Is Used In Industries

While EVA is increasingly being used in the solar industry, this is not all that is useful for it. EVA foam sheet can also be used as an alternative to rubber. In vinyl and other electrical products, EVA is mostly used instead of rubber.

EVA Form Sheet Is Used In Industries
EVA Form Sheet Is Used In Industries

EVA appears to be smoother and more cost-effective than rubber. Owing to its lower degree of padding and high durability, it can be more suitable for goods and is most often favoured. It is also used as a plastic wrap enhancer for clinginess. The high flex crack and puncture resistance allow EVA to be a material that can be used extensively and is therefore much more than just the material needed for solar modules.

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