Essentials needed for Hindu Pujas

When it comes to Hinduism, there is a certain procedure that is needed to be followed when one is worshipping their Gods and Goddesses in every significant occasion. Hindus do perform their traditional Puja where they pay tribute to their ancestors and Gods and these occasions are performed according to the auspicious dates provided by the Hindu calendar.

But in order to perform any Hindu Puja one has to be aware of a few mandatory details because this is very important for the Pujas. The most important thing is to gather all the necessary items that are needed for the Puja. One can get them mostly in Pooja items shop and items can vary from one Puja to another. In order to avoid any last minute hassle one can list all the items that are needed and buy them properly. Here are some items that are mostly used in almost every Pujas:

Puja Thali

This is mainly available in a silver, copper or gold plated items and one has to add them in every Pujas. This thali is mainly used to do Aarti before the God or the Goddess and hence one must keep at least one thali when they sit for a Puja.

Navgraha Shanti pack

This mainly includes the Ketu Shanti pack, Shani Shanti pack, Rahu Shanti pack and more and contains other small items which are very much necessary to carry out certain Pujas.

Holy water 

This is a very crucial Puja item and it is mainly used to wash the deity idol. One can gather this holy water from any holy rivers like Ganges or Narmada because these rivers in India are considered to be holy. Apart from that one also needs Gulab jal (Rose water), Rudraksha water and Kewra as well because they are also considered to be Holy water.


This is a powder which is mainly used to draw Tilak on the forehead of the idol. Once the Puja is done, it can be used by both men and women. Apart from sindoor one also needs to arrange for plain sandalwood powder, red sandalwood powder, kumkum, haldi (turmeric) and kesari gandh because all of them are needed for most Pujas.

Incense sticks 

One can buy various fragrances of incense sticks for a Puja. They can create some beautiful smell and spread positivity around the area of Puja.


This is mainly needed for Puja Aarti. When the Puja is done then one can burn the camphor and people can use that to seek blessings from the God.

Sweets as Prasad 

This is very important in every Hindu Puja as they are offered to God first and once the Puja is over, they are distributed among the family members and devotees.


This is another essential which is needed to offer and decorate the Puja room. One can use Lotus, Mogra, Jasmine and other flowers in every Puja.

One can get most of the Indian Pooja items online and buy them accordingly. They can buy and arrange them together beforehand.


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