4 Common Misconceptions About Erectile Dysfunction

4 Common Misconceptions About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a difficult topic to talk about for the patient and the doctors. Due to the embarrassment, a person faces they do not seek immediate treatment for the problem. Therefore, without identifying the cause of the problem they get Kamagra combo pack Online as a cure to the problem but these drugs only work for some people. The uncertainty of these drugs leads them to believe some myths about ED. If you see the internet it is filled with magical products and false information about ED. So, in this article, I would try to identify these myths about erectile dysfunction.

Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

ED Is A Single Problem:

Erectile dysfunction could happen due to numerous reasons and every case of ED is different from the other. Some might not be able to achieve an erection while others may get an erection but are not rigid enough for penetration during intercourse. Similarly, a patient could have an erection but could not achieve an orgasm. The basic definition of ED indicates the lack of erection to have intercourse is ED which covers a wide range of possibilities. Therefore, it is not a single problem that would have the same treatment. That is why it is important to identify the root cause of the problem.

Erectile dysfunction Only Happens to Older Men:

Believe me when I tell you that ED has nothing to do with age. Yes, it is more common in aged men of our society but about 50% of the male population below 40 is suffering from ED. However, only 25% of them are seeking the treatment of ED. This shows that they are embarrassed to talk about such issues with a doctor.

Erectile dysfunction Only Happens to Older Men

What they do is visit Oz Meds Online to find a medication. In some cases, the medication works but for some, it does not. That is probably due to the psychological cause of their erectile dysfunction.

It’s All in Your Head:

I might have heard this ridiculous phrase so many times that I could not even tell you. There is a possibility that you might be facing these issues due to mental stress and other psychological issues. But the maximum number of cases of ED is due to medical reasons. Either they have hindered the supply of blood to the penis or their pre-existing medical condition is the root cause of the problem. Moreover, smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and even medication play a big role in the development of ED.

Viagra Is the Only Treatment:

The utmost advertisement for Viagra has led people to believe that there is no cure other than Viagra and Cialis. These medications are not for every ED patient and sometimes they do not work. However, there are several treatments of erectile dysfunction such as testosterone therapy, penile injections, implants, surgeries, and much more. You could even find some natural treatments for ED. That is why I would recommend you to not put all your eggs in one basket. If one thing doesn’t work for you there are other treatments just talk to a doctor and look for the best suitable treatment.

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