Edward Snowden Net Worth and Means of Earnings

Edward Snowden Net Worth and Means of Earnings

Edward Joseph Snowden is the hero of America. He discloses a good deal of surveillance of the National security agency and failed their plan of leaking the personal data of the common person. He is the whistleblower and security consultant in America. The Edward Snowden Net Worth is about 500 thousand dollars.

He is one of the most intelligent men on Earth. People love him because of his great deeds. Nobody dares to reveal the immoral acts of his company and when the company is so influential and big. But he did it because of his country and because of his people. He is also one of the bravest men of America.

Edward Snowden knows many languages. He is a native English speaker but he is also fluent in Japanese, Mandarin, and Russian languages. But the language that is the reason for the success of Snowden is the coding language. Coding is not an easy language. Everyone can’t understand it. You can simply say it is the language of the computer.

Snowden does not even have a graduation degree, but he has the mind which he invested in getting expertise in computers. And now this is the source of income of this man. Can you imagine how much he gets in one media appearance? He takes $200,000 for an interview.

The director of this movie was Oliver Stone, and the cast was Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley. Joseph played the role of Snowden and Shailene played the role of his girlfriend named Lindsay Mills. Snowden also has a documentary named “Citizenfour”. Snowden is a superb model for people who work in the same field. People who know about the Snowden story of success always want to be like him. That’s the reason before the Edward Snowden Net Worth

Secrets Revealed By Edward Snowden

In 2013, Edward was employed by the National Security Agency. He was not very happy with this company because he found it suspicious. He noticed these people doing something wrong, that’s why he started copying confidential documents of the company. The documents that have numerous NSA domestic surveillance practices, he copied them all. When he had gathered all the invasive documents, he told his supervisor that he needed medical leave. He flew to China, Hong Kong. 

Secrets Revealed By Edward Snowden

During his stay, he contacted a journalist from a newspaper, The Guardian in the UK. On 5th June 2013, The Guardian revealed all the documents. These documents have the following information that could be dangerous for the people of America. At that, the Edward Snowden Net Worth is not increased.

Phone Records

The First story that Edward Revealed through Guardian is that the National Security Agency (NSA) contracted Verizon to give all the confidential data of mobile users to the NSA. He also said that he soon contracted with the other telephone companies in America. 

All Around the World; the net of Fiber Optic Cable

He revealed that the British Spy Agency plans to install fiber optic cables all around the globe so they can access the data through the internet. The Government Communications Headquarters are also with NSA and helped it to store the data of people. The Guardian revealed the names of the companies that are involved in this action such as Verizon Business, Vodafone Cable, British Telecommunications, Level 3, Viatel, Global Crossing, and Interoute.


PRISM is a report that includes confidential information that 7 large internet companies such as Facebook, Goggle, Apple, Microsoft, and others allowed NSA to access the personal information, wealth, and data of the users. This program allowed the NSA to get emails, sensitive data like that, and photographs on the phone.  


Xkeyscore is a tool that the NSA uses to get information about what a user is doing on the internet. It could steal all the data, such as searches, search history, emails, live chats, online chats, and even the metadata of the user. In the leaked documents, people can see that NSA is considered the biggest source of collecting data through the internet. 

Internet Security

This point is connected to the fiber optic net throughout the globe. The internet is safe from hackers so spies cannot read the data on the internet. So they think it is useless for us if the data is unreadable for us. So NSA developed a series of technologies and tricks to hack the data. Although the NSA failed to hack the algorithms of the website so he forced them to install weak algorithms.

Hacking Techniques

One of the most important things is that Edward Snowden leaked the hacking techniques of the NSA, which helps a lot to fight against them. “Tailored Access Operations” is one of the operations created by the hacker’s team of the NSA so they can inject malware into the users’ computer and can easily steal their personal information. 

Google and Yahoo Data Centers

The National Security Company directly accessed the google and Yahoo data centers to share the data of the users with them. 

Excess to Text Messages

This track is not all about stealing the data through the internet, but the NSA also planned to access the data of the text messages. It can collect 200 million text messages throughout the world every day. 

Store all phone Calls

The NSA also records the phone calls of the people. Especially when the call is dialed to out of the country; countries like Afghanistan and the Bahamas. It also records the metadata of phone calls from Kenya, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Where is Edward Snowden living now?

Where is Edward Snowden living now

If you are thinking that becoming a hero is that adventurous as in Disney Fairy movies then you are wrong. Edward has to pay a lot to do for his people. On the 14th of June 2013, he was charged with theft of Government Property for sharing fully confidential information to unauthorized users. He hid for a month in China then he fled to Russia. Soon Edward Snowden thought it is better to live in Russia than go back to America and face prison and after living in America Edward Snowden Net Worth is increasing day by day.

Life History According To Edward Snowden Net Worth

Edward Snowden was born in North Carolina, Elizabeth City on June 21, 1983. His father was Lonnie Snowden. And his mother is Wendy Snowden. The father of his mother was a senior officer in the FBI. His father and his maternal grandfather both were coast guards. His mother was also a working lady who worked as a clerk in the district court of Maryland.

He also has an elder sister Jessica who is also working in Washington DC as a lawyer in the Federal Judicial Center. In short, his entire family is serving the Federal Government and they expect he did the same thing. In 2001, his parents separated from each other, which was a shock for their family. 

Although he has not graduated, he took master’s classes at the University of Liverpool. He proves that a man without a degree certificate can also achieve great things in his life. He has an interest in Japanese people and culture so he started seeking the Japanese language. The wonder is that he can also understand the Marderian Chinese language. His religion is Buddhism.

He married Lindsay Mills in 2017. Lindsay Mills is the American blogger who became popular after he was noticed as the girlfriend of Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden has achieved a lot of success in his life that Edward Snowden Net Worth showed. But the thing is that he is living outside his country because of political causes. 


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