Does Seed Cycling Help Balance Hormones?

Seed Cycling Help Balance Hormones

Seed Cycling help balance hormones and craving symptoms in females. However, it is not a new practice, but the trend is high. Seed cycling contains various seeds such as flax seeds, pumpkin, chia, and many more. It is believed that it can regulate and manage progesterone, estrogen level, and other hormonal issues.

Several people say several things about it, but the facts will be right if scientifically proven. However, several sites promote seed cycles, such as Green Relief; plenty of accounts reports the usefulness and benefits of seed cycling, but still, thereā€˜s a lack of scientific evidence.

Furthermore, not only does seed cycling help balance hormones but also it indulges various health benefits such as regulating periods, treating PCOS and PCOD, reducing acne problems, infertility, menopause, fatigue, mood swings, and many more. Many online pieces of evidence also assert its extended benefits in weight loss, hair health, etc.

Commonly it is advisable to take 1-2 tablespoon of ground seeds and chew it nicely so that the juice of the seed is easily extracts. You can also mix the seeds and eat them with your meal by sprinkling them on the food. Within 13-14 days, you will get the result of a regulated menstrual cycle.

How does seed cycling help balance hormones work?

How does seed cycling help balance hormones work

There are two phases in which you can utilize seed cycling-

Phase 1- Take a tablespoon of flax and pumpkin seeds that will last for two weeks.

Phase 2- In the second phase, eat sunflower and sesame seeds; it will also last for two weeks. However, the second phase is also known as the luteal phase. It will increase approximately 100 calories, 4gm proteins, 9gm fat, and 3gm fiber in a day.

In the case of seed cycling help balance hormones, it is also claimed that positive hormonal changes are noticeable within a few months of using the seed cycle. However, it is recommended to women who have irregular menstrual cycles, menopausal, and other hormonal problems to use the moon phases as it improves the monthly cycle.

It is also endorsed while menstruating to start phase one with pumpkin and flax seeds. Phase one is beneficial in the primary days of the monthly cycle, and after that, you can switch to phase two and eat sesame and sunflower seeds within 14 days. Phase one seed cycling is helpful for women who are suffering irregular or no menstruation. So, it is better to say that seed cycling help balance hormones in the menstruation cycle.

However, many women consider the moon phase as the best period to coincide with seed cycling. The beginning phase is known as the new moon phase and the second face is on the complete moon.

In a normal menstrual cycle, estrogen is produced within the first 14 days in the follicular phase, in which eggs get ripened in the ovaries. Some hormonal levels increase before ovulation, such as FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone), whereas estrogen level declines after ovulation. The luteal phase starts after the release of the egg. However, many products of Green Relief improve the problem of hormonal imbalance.

To The Sum Up

There is no scientific evidence that shows the proven result of seed cycling help balance hormones. But through many products of companies like Green relief claims advantages. In many cases, it is noticeable that the seed cycle enhances the production of some hormones such as estrogen and progesterone in the female body.


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