Does Age Affect Your Health Insurance Premium Cost?

While we often say age is just a number, but the truth is every age has its own charm and its own pros and cons. One of the best benefits of young age is that you have high immunity level, and this helps you fight against several ailments. While at an older age your immunity weakens, and it may take days for you to recover. However, in both the cases your health expenses can go high specially with the current rise in the medical expenses in India.

To protect yourself and your family from any medical emergencies, you must have a medical insurance cover that provides financial security in case you or any of your family members contract an illness. There are several types of financial covers that can be availed at any age between 18 to 60 years such as an Individual Health Insurance Cover, Family Floater Health Insurance Cover and Critical Illness Cover. All these plans can be availed from Bajaj Finserv that offers high coverage at affordable premiums. With a health insurance plan by Bajaj Finserv, you can keep your health and your family’s health in check. It covers for the medical checkups, pre-and-post hospitalization expenses, ambulance cover and much more. You can also avail cashless benefit in the network hospitals, thereby helping you in every way possible.

While an insurance cover can be availed by anyone between the age group of 18 to 60 years, a question often asked is that- does procuring a health insurance plan at an early age prove beneficial? Also how does age matter while buying a health insurance plan? The answers to these questions are given below-

  • Buying a health insurance cover at an early age will help you avail the cover at lower premium, as compared to you buying the same insurance plan at an elder age. The earlier in your life cycle you buy an insurance cover, the better premiums will be offered to you by the insurer.
  • Most importantly buying a health insurance plan at an early age will help you in covering for the waiting period while you have lower risk of developing a disease. A waiting period is the minimum time that you have to wait before availing certain benefits like cover for certain surgical procedures/ailments. It is only after you complete the waiting period that you can procure the cover. Therefore, by buying an insurance cover when there is low risk of ailments, you will be able to complete the waiting period and avail the benefits at a time when you actually need it. This also means that you will save on a lot of cost when you buy a health insurance at a later age because you can go for health insurance covers that have a waiting period rather than choosing those that cover for specific ailments without a waiting period and are costlier in terms of premiums.
  • Also, your loyalty from a younger age towards a particular insurer will also help you gain rewards and benefits. For instance, you can get zero claim benefit if you do not claim you cover within the policy year. This is possible when you buy your cover at a younger age when there are lesser chances of you falling ill.

With all the above benefits, it is very much clear that you must plan your finances and procure a health insurance plan while you are young and start your career, so that you can save well and have a financial security in terms of your and your family’s medical needs.

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