How To Create An Interactive Animated Explainer Video?

How To Create An Interactive Animated Explainer Video

Everyone loves to watch a good animation video. An animated explainer video can reveal the feature of the new product that helps you to grab the attention of potential customers rather than any written explanation of the features and functionality of the product. But now the question is how o make an animated video? You can use Adobe after effects to make an animated video.

Steps To Create An Animated Explainer Video

Here we listed step to step points that you should follow to create your animated explainer video:

  • Exporting from Photoshop Animated Videos

You should try to create everything in double size and set every part on the different layer which you want to animated Video. You must name each layer to avoid problems. Naming the layers will help you later in animation.

  • Importing the file into adobe after effects

  • Open the file and select new. Open new projects on the screen or in the menu bar.
  • Go to File, then click on import and choose a file from Photoshop and click on the open button.

You may see a new composition. Double click on the new imported composition to see its preview.

  • Check the video settings

Check the video settings

Click on composition in the Main Menu and open composition settings. You must have sufficient time to animate everything. You must ensure the frame rate is set on 25 and the resolution of the video is set to full.

  • Keyframes and Transforms

Now you are ready to create each element of the animated explainer video into view on the screen. You have to create keyframes for each layer and transition them ranging from o% to 100%.

Click on the first layer and select all and click on the right-facing triangle. Click on the next triangle for the next transform.

  • Making things move

Drag the mouse cursor outside the composition bounds. Set the playtime to 5 seconds and then click on the stopwatch icon. Then move the playtime to 6 seconds and drag the layer of the cursor to the desired position.

While on one position, click the stopwatch next to the scale, you can move some frames forward on the timeline and reduce the scale by 5%. Then again move some more frames and again drop the scale.

  • Presets and text

The process of adding text while creating an Animated Explainer Video

Let us add some text to the animated video. You need to select the best type tool in the toolbar, you will show a white box where you can add the desired text you just need to show in your animated video. The process of adding text is the same as in Photoshop.

  • Tightening everything up

Now you reach the functional segment of the animated explainer video and the building blocks for making different types of animations. You need to set up, play with the graph editor on keyframes, and tightening up the positions and timing. It will allow you to add background colors, text to explain the picture, etc.

  • Rendering

Ensure that you have chosen the accurate composition. Go to the main menu, and then select composition and click on add to Render Queue. The render queue should open. You can change settings if you like but the default setting is enough.

Then click on the blue text which shows next to the output and select the place where you want to save the animation video. The last step is to press the render button placed on the right of the screen.

You can choose Mango Animation Maker that offers you an extensive collection of templates that you can use for making animated videos. It has many other features that make your animated video more impressive. You can create a video with Mango Animation Maker within a minute.

The process of creating your first animated explainer video after effects is completed. But sometimes making animated videos in adobe after effects can become a tough and irritating process.

You should choose a substitute without sacrificing the quality of the animated video explainer. You just need to choose the best animated video explainer software which allows you to make all types of animations.

Some tips to create the best-animated video

Some tips to create the best-animated video

Always remember that you don’t put everything in your animated video, so try to focus on the key points of the content that you need to show to your potential customers and avoid any technical and complex language. You can use the words “you” and “your” when speaking to a person. Always try to give your important message earlier in the animated video explainer.

If you missed the main message in the first 30 seconds then it may be possible that the customer loses their interest in your animated explainer video. Audio quality should be good because most of the audience is likely to stick with bad video rather than bad audio. But you try to make everything up to a high level.


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