Cool Tweaks to Make to Your Clothes

Cool Tweaks

Fashion has never been so wild, and while we are on a trip back to the nineties and the noughties, it also makes sense to look at the direction we might be heading in for our clothes.

Putting a unique twist on our belongings is cooler than it has ever been. Between fun charity shop finds and finding second-hand bargains online, many fashionistas are looking for something you cannot buy straight off the rack.

However, if you don’t seem to have much luck coming across these preloved treasures, there are simple ways you can make some cool tweaks to your clothes to make them your own.

This piece is going to offer you a few ideas, so you can elevate your look to the next level.

Let’s get into it.


Vivid designs, patterns, and images are very much part of the scene now. If your clothes look like you are wearing a piece of art, you are probably very up to date. However, what happens if you cannot find a style you like? Make your own.

Patches are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to customise your clothes with something you love. Not only can you create your own if you are a dab hand at crafts, but there are so many styles out there to choose from, there is bound to be something you will love that can take a plain pair of jeans to something you will never want to take off.


This suggestion is for those who love to sew or would not mind giving it a go. Embroidery on clothes can look elegant and feminine and can give an item of clothing a whole new lease of life. It is up to you whether you would like just accent designs, such as small flowers, emojis, or hearts, or whether you want to create something that people will not be able to take their eyes off. Little tweaks, such as an embroidered pocket, can take trousers that have no personality straight into something that is uniquely you.

If you are interested in trying this tweak, then head to an embroidery shop london, with fine quality cotton and get some expert advice.

Vinyl Transfer

If you have a printer, a computer, and an idea, you can have yourself a brand-new t-shirt that no one else will be able to buy.

T-shirt transfers have been around for a while now and are low-cost. Start with a good quality t-shirt, preferably 100% cotton, and choose what design you would like to wear. This is a great idea for those plain t-shirts kicking around your home that have seen better days. You might want a picture of your favourite tv show of the moment, a fun quote, or to create your own Christmas jumper. The world is your oyster. Just remember to follow the instructions for the transfer. You could even create fun t-shirts to give as gifts for your friends and family.

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