Controlling Spider Mites on Your Houseplants


Controlling Spider Mites on Your Houseplants

If you want to know about controlling spider mites on your houseplants then reading this article completely. Everybody knows that the house plantation is a common practice and hobby of many people, but they face several problems while houseplants. Spider mites or red spiders on the house plants are the common problems that people deal with in all seasons. 

So what image does your mind imagine? Do you imagine it like a spider; unlike its name, most people think it’s a spider, but it doesn’t look like a spider in reality. It’s a mite, a very tiny pest that cannot be seen through a barely naked eye. You may notice the duct points at the surface of the plant leaf but dust particles that move continuously.

In reality, it’s not the dust particles; it’s the spider mites that can be seen with a magnifying glass. However, spider mites are red, but they can also be in green color with two spots on its body. Spider mites have an oval body with eight legs, and they rapidly reproduce every couple of weeks. They are mobile and can move from plant to plant through wind and webbing. So, it is better to controlling spider mites on your houseplants for properly growing plants.

Spider mites feed themselves with the plant cells and damage the plant leaf by making the leaves speckled. They turn the leaves from green to yellow and brown and allow them to fall off. They target the stomata of the leaf and break the water supply to the plant that controls the growth of the plant. It weakens the plant and makes it die. However, many products can control spider mites, and Green Relief is the leading company that products help control pests

Techniques for controlling spider mites on your houseplants

Techniques for controlling spider mites on your houseplants

Preventing leaves from spider mites need dedication and regular practice. So, here we enlisted some techniques that controlling spider mites on your houseplants.

Make the air of the space cool and moist

It’s significant to change the temperature of the space where you are growing the plant. Spiders get less reproduction in a cooler atmosphere, so make your space be cool and with humid temperature, especially at night. 

Regular cleaning of leaves

Spider mites abide by water surfaces; therefore, regularly sprinkle the water on the leaves and control the spider mites. However, spider mites look like dust particles, so make sure to clean the leaves with a clean cloth to remove these mites on the top of the plant. 

Natural pesticides

You can get many natural ways to controlling spider mites on your houseplants. However, numerous companies such as Green Relief offer many effective ideas to prevent your plant from being damaged. Using neem leaves, boiling or powdered form is the best natural way to control the pest in house plants. 

Spray miticides

You can quickly get commercial miticides that prevent the growth rate of spider mites. Pyrethrum, Cinnamite, Rosemary oil, and many more are the effective miticides that prevent the plant from damage. However, it is also significant to choose the best as several pesticides harm the plant in various forms. 

To The Sum Up

Spider mites problem is common in house planting, but it can be reduced through several practices and techniques. Moreover, plenty of companies offer compelling products to controlling spider mites on your houseplants; Green Relief is one of the companies on which you can rely.


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