How to Choose Between HR Certificate and Master Degree? Which on is Better?

HR certificate and HR master degree
HR certificate and HR master degree

HR Certificate and HR Master Degree – which one is better and why? This question has come up numerous times in the field of HR. But truth to be told, there is absolutely no comparison between the two as both of them have their own advantages in the life of an HR professional. 

However, when a professional is standing at the crossroads of choosing between a degree or a certification program, probably opting for a certification course in HR is the best option

Reason For Choosing HR Certificate and HR Master Degree

There are plenty of them but the most prominent ones include –

  • Certification program in HR showcases your credibility to your prospective employer.
  • HR Certifications as compared to the full-fledged degree courses are relatively low in cost.
  • Some of the Best HR certifications in the field are self-paced programs with online guidance easily available on their website.  
  • Certification courses in HR come with an expiry date, which means that you have to reapply for the program after certain period of time. 

How is the expiry date beneficial in HR Certificate?

For starters, it demonstrates that you are dedicated to your profession and are eager to learn anything new to stay ahead of your peers. 

In addition, Certifications courses in HR are regularly updated with the latest trends and tools in the field of HR so the applicant always stays ahead of the peers. 

As compared to the Master’s degree which is a one-time thing, requires loads of study time, physical attendance to the lectures amid other things, certification courses in HR are available online, are self-paced, with few hours of study time. 

Now let’s see which one is valuable for your career advancement – HR certificate and HR master degree. 

You have read the benefits of going for certification programs in HR and you already know the benefits of degree course. However, the choice is pretty much yours and it depends on factors like – How much are you willing to spend on the program – in relation to both time and money. 

No doubt, earning a master’s degree will add more prestige and improve your skills and education, but a degree program requires a huge commitment in the form of time, hard work, and tuition dollars. 

Not worth the effort if you are already a working professional looking to enhance your skills and knowledge in the field. However, if you are student or just fresh out of college then probably you can opt for degree program because then you still have your memory fresh from all the concepts being taught in the school. 

But…there certainly should be a reason enough by certification courses have gained popularity in the recent years and also why recruiters prefer candidates with certification in HR as compared to just a degree program in HR. 


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