How to Choose A Perfect Gas stove for Your Kitchen

How to Choose A Perfect Gas stove for Your Kitchen

Gas stoves are undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of equipment in your kitchen. You need to be completely sure about its design, functionalities, and finish when you choose a perfect gas stove for your kitchen. With so many options and varieties now available in the market, choosing the best gas stoves in India can be a pretty daunting affair.

Look At The  Different Types Before To Choose A Perfect Gas Stove For Your Kitchen

Thus, it is very important to be well aware of the different types of gas stoves available and their functionalities before making the buying decision.

Size of the gas stove

Certainly, this is the very first thing that needs to be cautious about before you choose a perfect gas stove for your kitchen. The size of the gas stove should always depend on the spaciousness of your household. In a small household, a stove with double burners works perfectly. However, if you have a spacious kitchen then you can easily go for gas stoves with more cooktops. 

Type of Gas Stove

The type of gas stove solely depends on the type of ignition it offers. Based on the ignition mechanisms, you can distinguish gas stoves into two different types. Firstly, there is the standing pilot type which is more conventional and widely used amongst the Indian diaspora. This type of gas stove offers continuous gas flow to maintain the flame in the burner. Thus, the standing pilot gas stoves consume more fuel.

Type of Gas Stove

On the other hand, you can also go for the electronic-ignition-type gas stove. The electronic ignition-type gas stoves make use of batteries. They create the spark at the beginning of the heating cycle and minimizes fuel consumption.


How to choose a perfect gas stove for your kitchen? As technology nowadays advances at a tremendous pace, the cooktops on the gas stoves also come with a wide variety of burners. In fact, there are three types of burners that you can choose from namely forged brass burners, brass burners, and die-cast alloy burners. In terms of durability and long-term service, the brass and forged brass burners are better in comparison to the die-cast alloy burners.

The brass-type burners transfer maximum heat at the expense of much less fuel when compared to the alloy type. Since it’s a better conductor of heat, it also sustains very little damage. Thus, you can be sure of getting a high-quality long-term service when using brass-type burners.

Material of the stove

The most common material that is used in manufacturing a gas stove is stainless steel. Stainless steel is not only affordable but also rust and corrosion-proof. Thus, the stainless steel stoves can easily withstand the moist and oily ambiance of the kitchen easily. Also, there are several varieties of stainless steel gas stoves available in the market as well. So, you can easily choose a perfect gas stove for your kitchen in India at a very moderate price.

a gas stove is stainless steel

There are also fiber, ceramic, and glass top gas stoves available in the market. These products certainly give a classy and high-end look to your gas stove. Nevertheless, these stoves are much more fragile and high maintenance in comparison to the stainless steel ones. 

Be sure about the ISI mark

If you are buying a new gas stove in India then you must make sure that the product is ISI certified and has the ISI logo on it. ISI certification assures you about the quality and builds of the product. Moreover, if you are buying a manual ignition gas stove, you must check whether it has a BIS certification other than the ISI one.


Gas stoves are a staple in every household. So, you must be very careful while investing your money in one of them. So, check the features and attributes before you choose a perfect gas stove for your kitchen to make the right buying decision.

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