Chocolate Christmas Cake Recipe You’ll Never Regret

Chocolate Christmas Cake
Chocolate Christmas Cake

Christmas is a good time to catch up and spend with your loved ones. The special day is accustomed to sharing gifts as well. As a moment of sharing these happy times, it wouldn’t sound right without a cake. And one cake that will probably erase the bad moments of this year would be a scrumptious chocolate Christmas cake. As most parts of India are already catching the cold wave from the North, a chocolate cake will definitely warm you up and comfort you and your loved ones. 

It will really hold the moment of peace and happy faces at the back of your mind. So to make this come to fruition, it is a smart choice to make plans well ahead of time. Whether you are an experienced baker or someone looking for the right cake to surprise your family and friends, it is wise that you buy or bake a cake that will equally be enjoyed. In this post, we share chocolate Christmas cake ideas you’ll never regret. Take a look.

Chocolate Christmas Cake: Ingredients

215 grams of a stork with butter

220 ml of milk

330 grams of caster sugar

260 grams of plain flour

3 large eggs

1 teaspoon of bicarbonate

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

70 grams of cocoa powder

275ml of cream

1 tablespoon of golden syrup

350 grams of dark chocolate

250 grams of raspberry jam

icing sugar to dust

Christmas Decorations.

Chocolate Christmas Cake: Instructions 

In a jug, mix lemon juice with milk, set aside. Mix stork, cream, and sugar in a bowl until the mixture is fluffy and light. Gradually add eggs and thoroughly mix. Mix and sift the flour together with bicarbonate of soda and cocoa powder until well combined. Add milk and stir until smooth. Pour the mix in a greased and lined cake tin. Place the tin in the middle of the oven and bake at 180°C for at least 20 minutes.

Prepare ganache in a bowl placed on top of a pan with hot water and stir until smooth. Cover the top and let it cool and thick. Place the base layer on a flat plate. Paste together layers with ganache and jam. Coat the cake sides with the remaining ganache. Then add your Christmas decorations and lightly dust icing sugar.

Chocolate Christmas Cake: When is the right time?

While you are still deciding on which chocolate Christmas cake to go with, it is important to note that cakes are perishable. But it, however, largely depends on the ingredients used. If you are worried about the last-minute rush, it is wise that you also place your cake order in advance. You will receive it on time for the Christmas gathering. But, if you know your way around baking, only buy ingredients with a longer shelf life.

Chocolate Christmas Cake: Cake care tips

Now that you have successfully baked your cake, keeping it as it is can be a daunting task. The kitchen can be a place of high traffic. You must store it in a place that has less traffic interference. You also must maintain proper hygiene habits such as avoid squeezing around the cake. To maintain the design, always keep the box sitting upright on a flat surface. And make sure to store in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight.

Chocolate Christmas Cake: The Final Word

Now that you know of Chocolate Christmas Cake ideas, why not share this valuable information with your friends and family. Spread the joy and brilliance by treating yourself and loved ones with a welcoming and mouth-watering chocolate cake. You can also get some ideas and inspirations for the specific cake in your mind. It can be a bit challenging if you do not have the time to bake the cake or if baking is not your thing. Not all hope is lost; we all have something we are good at. All you need to do is just search for the leading cake shop and place your chocolate Christmas cake order. 


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