Causes of Non-Excusable Delays in Construction and Remedies

Causes of Non-Excusable Delays in Construction and Remedies

Construction projects require active support and regular monitoring. It is owing to the reason that any act of negligence can disturb the regular working of the project leading to delayed delivery. Such situations usually result in construction claims owing to their non-excusable nature. Therefore, the contracting parties should consider different ways to avoid the causes of non-excusable delays for successful project completion. 

If you are dealing with any of these signs and worried? Consider reading the post to get some useful information about the main causes of delays and essential remedies to handle them. Keep reading!

What are non-excusable delays?

Non-excusable delay is caused by negligence or poor performance of the contracting parties. In this way, the delays are controllable, but the contractor or owner doesn’t pay attention to eliminate the risks which result in claims. 

Main causes of non-excusable delays and easy solutions 

Nevertheless, delays can hinder the working of any project. It may lead to time-extension or damage claims if not handled proactively. Therefore, the contracting parties should strive hard for managing the resources and time in the best way to keep the project on the scheduled track. 

For this, it is imperative to understand the root causes of non-excusable delays to estimate the potential solutions to avoid them. Let’s take a look:

Improper scheduling of the project

Improper scheduling of the project 

First thing first, the project timeline is an important factor of success. Generally, the work plan for the construction processes as designed and agreed upon at the time of contract signing. At this point, it is the responsibility of the contracting parties to make sure that the work plan is created comprehensively. It is because improper scheduling of materials and time can cause issues at the later stages of construction. 

Easy Remedy:

The best way is to check all the essential aspects from a technical perspective thoroughly. In the case that contractors observe a delay during the construction process, it is better to get assistance from professional quantum and delay experts to analyze the underlined causes for the mismanaged project schedule. 

Ineffective site management 

The management of the construction site is foremost important to ensure the smooth delivery of the project within the due date. However, the contractors overlook this very factor of success and end up facing the claims in construction. So, it is crucial to analyze the construction location prior to the start of work and pay attention to complete the project optimally. If these are not done, they can causes of non-excusable delays.

Easy Remedy

It is important to analyze the site before signing the contract critically. For this, the contracting parties can take help from the geologists and other experts for examining the site health for construction. Moreover, make a plan to manage the site without leaving a loophole or ineffectiveness. 

Wrong methods of construction 

It is the most common cause of non-excusable delays in construction. The contractor is responsible for selecting the appropriate method for construction. However, the contractors may make the mistake of choosing an inappropriate method for constructing the building. It results in claims for compensation for postponement or disruption in the project. 

Easy Remedy

Methodology selection is the primary task that every contractor has to accomplish carefully. It is imperative to look for all possible ways to construct a building and select the optimal one. Go through the potential risks associated with a construction method to have a plan for maximizing the opportunities. 

Delayed performance of overall activities

Delayed performance of overall activities 

Construction activities include the supply of materials, labor, and other equipment. Besides this, the progress monitoring mechanisms and legal matters also come under the category of overall performance. Keeping this in view, the contractor should play a proactive role in managing all affairs related to the project. Any negligence can causes of non-excusable delays.  

Easy Remedy 

Delays can be avoided with foresightedness, especially when it comes to performance. For this purpose, the contractor should ensure the availability of materials and human resources in time. However, if a delay occurred, the best remedy is to contact an experienced construction consultant for delay witness, examination, report generation, and potential solutions. 

Poor monitoring and control

Most of the contractors do not hire a project manager and perform all these responsibilities solely. In this way, the contractor may get overburdened with the project administrative, managerial, and other activities leading to non-excusable delays. So, poor monitoring is the biggest factor for claims in construction. 

Easy Remedy

Remember! There is no one-man show when it comes to construction. Therefore, acquire the services of professional project managers, labor supervisors, and materials distributors for the project. Distribute responsibilities to manage the project effectively. 

Non-excusable delays are controllable!

Summing up, the delays related to the conduct of contracting parties can be controlled with proper management that causes of non-excusable delays. So, it is better to adopt a proactive approach towards construction projects management to avoid delay claims. Don’t forget to play wisely to save time and effort to ensure ultimate success!

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