Causes of battery failure: how do mobile repair stores fix it?

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Having a dead phone is frustrating. Sometimes your phone seems to charge for hours only to die in half that time. Why your phone battery drains so fast? Several reasons might not be obvious to you. 

An experienced mobile repair technician can help you to identify the main cause of the battery failure. 

However, there are a few common things that you need to know before taking your phone to a repair store.

6 reasons why your battery drains so fast

Do you experience constant battery drain? We understand the feeling. Six reasons explain why your phone battery continues to drain.

  1. Running apps in the background
  2. Maximum display brightness
  3. Staying online 24/7
  4. Google maps or another tracking app
  5. Using old battery 
  6. Unnecessary screen notification

These are a few reasons that cause your battery to drain quickly. You can increase battery life by clearing the background apps and reducing your display brightness. While you connect your phone to the internet, it takes most of your phone’s battery. Thus, turn off the net while you are not using it. 

Battery issues

Battery issues are a common occurrence for many smartphones. Whether you’re having problems with your phone battery or need to replace it, the good news is that most of the time, it’s an easy fix. Here are a few things to know about battery issues and how to deal with them:

What are some of the most common causes of battery failure?

  • Overcharging: Leaving your device plugged in after it reaches 100% can damage or overheat your phone’s batteries. To avoid this problem, we recommend do not charge overnight.
  • Undercharging: If you leave your device plugged in at night but don’t fully charge it, this could also cause damage to the battery. 
  • Please ensure you give your mobile enough time to charge fully. 

What causes batteries to fail?

The following are a few causes that lead to battery failure:

  • Each time you charge the battery, it loses a small amount of its capacity. It’s called “charge cycle” and is typically used to measure how many times you’ve charged your phone.
  • Batteries also lose capacity due to temperature fluctuations, which can happen when you use your phone in very hot conditions. If a device gets too hot during charging or use, this can cause permanent damage to its internal components. It also includes physical damage that could affect the battery’s life span.
  • Your usage habits also play a role in increasing your battery life span. The more often you use an app on your smartphone, the faster its battery will drain. It means apps like Facebook and Instagram drain batteries faster than others because they run in the background more often than others.
  • The age of your device also matters. Batteries in older devices are typically less powerful than those on newer devices. Consequently, older phones may suffer from shorter life expectancies after experiencing similar usage patterns as newer ones.

How to fix battery issues at home

  • Keep the battery charged. Keeping your phone plugged in for extended periods can cause it to overheat and damage the battery. 
  • If you charge your phone with the original charger, your battery will have a greater chance of reaching its optimum capacity. In addition, this will speed up the charging process.
  • Check the Battery section in your phone’s settings to see which apps consume the most battery life. Limiting the app’s permissions or usage can be hugely beneficial, especially when preserving your phone’s battery life.
  • Keep the phone in a cool place. Hot temperatures can cause permanent damage to your device’s components, especially its battery. Please do not leave it in direct sunlight or anywhere; it might get too hot.
  • Keep the battery away from water and other liquids, including rainwater! 

How mobile repair stores fix the battery issue

If your phone is not charging and you’ve tried all the above solutions, you should take it to a cell phone repair store to check the battery. They will know what’s wrong with your phone and either replace the battery or clean it. 

You can also check SD Plus Cell in Murfreesboro for its high-quality repair services. They also offer battery fixing at cost-effective rates. 

Everybody needs a battery that lasts long, so if you are experiencing any issues with your phone or tablet, try our tips and tricks to get the most out of your devices. The above suggestions can help you optimize your phone’s battery and prevent it from draining quickly. So now you won’t have to worry about your phone dying unexpectedly. 

If you want to learn more, please refer to the FAQ session

Is it possible to restore my battery health to 100?

Suppose The only way to restore battery health to your phone is to replace the battery. When a battery’s capacity decreases, it is directly proportional to its chemical composition, so once it reaches zero, there is no way to restore it.

How to prevent your battery from dying?

Your battery may not have the same quality as it used to. There are many ways you can damage your phone’s battery and render it useless. Here are some tips on how to prevent damage:

  • Please turn off the phone when it is not in use.
  • Don’t leave your phone in a hot or cold place for an extended period.
  • Don’t charge the battery to 100%.

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