The decision to adopt a dog requires good preparation but also asking the right questions. You’ve already found the right breeder/association, and when choosing a puppy, you’re wondering “Will I prefer a male vs female french Bulldog?”, or “Which sex will suit me best?”. Your questions are important, as the […]

The lovely French Bulldog is a dog that will perfectly adapt to its owner. The older it gets, the more there are two alternatives. Either he will show himself as a mature dog who has calmed down and is rather restful in nature. Either he’s going to get even crazier. […]

How To Understand The Great Message Of The Quran? The question about anthropotechnics involves tracing some fundamental theological discussions because in the medieval world theology was far from being a discipline like any other. On the contrary, it was always the device that catalyzed the institutionalization of the various modes […]