These are the top five blue colored flowers for your garden

These are the top five blue colored flowers for your garden

There comes a time in our life when we just get tired of having sunshine yellow roses and oranges and reds in our life and want some more mixed colors to save yellow – purple, white -pink, green – burgundy, blue – lavender. Or maybe there is one color missing that is blue colored flowers for your garden. Although in the ancient Natya Shastra theories we find the blue is the color of disgust. However in the modern world blue color is representative of freedom, imagination, inspiration, loyalty, confidence, affluence, affection, etc.

Blue is particularly representative of freedom because blue is the color of the sky and that of the sea and both are limitless on this earth. Whether it is a flower delivery shop in Bangalore or any other country, they’ll very easily deliver these Flower Delivery shops to your doorstep.

But one of the most important things about these blue flowers is that you will have to research very thoroughly because depending upon the climate or season in your country you will also have to think which flower leaves what kind of fumes and if you are going to the flowers-flower delivery shop next to each other what would be the benefits of doing so and how will it be harmful to your garden and other flowering plants.

Apart from that you also need to make sure when you are growing these plants in the form of a garden that some many insects and bacteria attack these ornamental plants so you must have to do pest control now and then.

Five Blue colored flowers for your garden

1) Delphinium – Flower Delivery Shop

Delphinium is a tropical plant mostly found in the Northern hemisphere and several mountainous regions of Africa. They are not just available in blue color but in white, pink, and purple. Delphiniums are considered to be efficiently grown in cottage gardens.


The preferred summers that are moist and cool and in no condition accept any kind of hot weather. Order flowers online to plant in your garden from the local nursery. We also need well-drained soil and they stand tall however they always need some kind of support to lean over. The diseases that can attack delphinium include aster yellow, powdery mildew, root crown, and stem rots.

2) Aster 

When you look at Aster shining in the sun, it will not look dark blue but rather a combination of dark blue and purple. These flowers are often called star flowers because they resemble the shape of a star.  if you have not seen this flower before you would feel when you look at it like it’s a Daisy. These blue colored flowers for your garden can grow up to 8 inches.

Like delphinium actors also prefer cool and moist summers. It will be better to buy flowers online and then grow them in your house itself rather than sowing the seed and following a long process. These are often called Gardner’s winter and spring flowers because these are the best seasons when they bloom. The diseases that can attack them are root rot, which will lead to the death of the plant. And other diseases that can be treated by using simple fungicides are powdery mildew and rust.

3) Grape Hyacinth

Grave accents are yet blue colored flowers for your garden or other people fondly call it a spring bulb. It comes in the shape of pearls. And because it grows in clusters, you can plant it along the path, in the corners or the edges of the garden, or all around the edges of the house.  They need full to partial sunlight and flowers can grow up to 3 inches. The best season for the blooms is the spring season and with the onset of spring when they would start to bloom they will leave a very mild grapy scent.

One of the best things about these flowers is that they can also be used to substitute other flowers such as you can make a bouquet of Hydrangeas, Roses and delphinium and several other flowers and send flowers to any of your loved ones.

Grape Hyacinth

They can survive in almost any kind of soil so you don’t have to worry about which soil you are growing them in. You can easily send flowers to Delhi from the UK or to any other country. Light insects and pests might attack the plant so you can remove them by spraying the garden hose. You can grow them next to tulips, anemones and daffodils, and deciduous trees.

4) Blue Daisy 

Daisies are one of the best blue colored flowers for your garden, they are the friendliest flowers ever found on the earth. Blue daisies are often called the blues blue daisies. And if you will grow them in a row or across the path they would look like a blue-green carpet spread around. Blue daisies love to be in the sun all the time and they don’t require too much water.

This flower stops blooming in hot summers. It can be grown in places where summers are cooler. They are strong flowers and insects hardly ever attack them and the best part is that the blue daisies are perennial plants that means they will bloom up to two years but you’ll have to replant them after that. Blue daisies are perfect to be grown also in hanging boxes or as a chandelier, window box, and containers and around the corner or anywhere you want to. You can send flowers online in a box that is beautifully wrapped in luxury.

5) Hydrangeas 

Hydrangea can be considered as the prettiest flowers-Flower Delivery Shop mainly because in one flower there are too many small petals making it a large bush. It would be amazing to surround the garden corners with hydrangeas. The best season for their growth is summer and spring.


Quite often hydrangeas are planted next to the fences or they can be covered using green shades because they love morning sun but dislike afternoon heat. They like the soil to be moist but dislike poor draining soil and hate being waterlogged, it will suffer from root rot and die within a week if it were in a waterlogged. The most interesting thing about hydrangeas is that even if they sow blue colored flowers for your garden, they may change their color to pink depending upon the ph. content in your soil. Get an online flower delivery to avoid the fuss of planting from the beginning.

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