What Are The Services You Can Avail At An Aesthetic Dermatologist?

With the rapid development in medical science, the science of dermatology has also rapidly developed in the past decades. Now, there are millions od cosmetic procedures being performed all around the globe to improve the quality of life of person. Without even the need cosmetic surgery in more than eighty percent of the procedures, the main aim of these aesthetic cosmetic procedures is to overcome the cosmetic problems that can make one feel unconfident or uncomfortable. Most of these procedures are even quick and easily available at most of the best aesthetic dermatologists in Mumbai. Let us learn more about the treatments and procedures that are available today:


Peels are used for various body parts such as the skin, scalp, etc. The main purpose of the chemical peels is to improve the quality of health of the affected area on which it is to be used. There are different types of chemicals and their combinations used in these procedures which are completely safe for your body. When used for the skin, the aim of chemical peels is to provide clear and glowing skin. After the treatment, your skin would feel more hydrated and even toned. IT can also be used for the scalp, for the purpose of removing chronic dandruff and flaky scalp. It is also used to treat oily scalp and stimulate quick hair growth.


PRP stands for Platelet rich plasma therapy which is a type of treatment that uses the patient’s own healing system to stimulate healing or growth in different affected parts of the body. It is now commonly used to promote hair growth on bald patches of the scalp or overcome soft tissue injury marks or lines. The procedure uses the patient’s own platelets in form of injections to accelerate the healing process.


As the name suggests, this treatment uses inert substances as fillers to achieve a desirable shape or lift in any part of the body. This treatment can help change the original shape of your face by adding contours and fullness to your face. It is also popularly used to enhance the shape of lips, chins and cheek. You can also use it get a more defining jawline or even to give your nose a more desirable shape or lift. This treatment is often recommended by doctors to treat severe acne marks and provide a décolletage rejuvenation

Multipolar RF

Multipolar radio frequency is a non-invasive treatment which uses heat energy treatment to stimulate the collagen deep in our skin. This treatment can improve the formation of collagen in your skin and give you a more firm, healthy and youthful skin. It is often performed with a combination of other treatments like micro needling and peels to give a more defining look to your body.

With the help of best aesthetic dermatologist in Mumbai, you can also get a more young and brighter skin. Consult with your dermatologist about your concerns and let them guide you on your way to a better transformation.


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