Benny Blanco Net Worth and Sources of Income

Benny Blanco Net Worth and Sources of Income

Benny Blanco, Benjamin Joseph Levin, is an American songwriter, rap writer, singer, DJ, and producer. The Benny Blanco Net Worth is about 20 million dollars. An extensive amount of income for this man is coming from his song albums. According to the estimation he has earned almost 100 million dollars worldwide from his albums.

He has produced several numbers of hit songs that took him to the skies of fame. He released many hit singles with Calvin Harris, Khalid, Juice Wrld, and Hasley. Benny is a multi-talented artist who has done everything related to songs in his life. He has performed many songs and earned a sizable amount of money.

The very first song that he wrote is “Circus” which is sung by Britney Spears. In the beginning, his DJ, and songwriter profession, did not give him so much money. He is generating an extensive amount of net worth after he has co-written and co-produced a song with Taio Cruz named “Dynamite”, “Tok Tok” with Kesha, and “Teenage Dream” with Katy Perry. After that, he named himself Benny Blanco, which is now more famous than his real name. This year, he was able to earn $100,000 for the first time. He got more fame and love towards the people when he started releasing his music projects. 

The Benny Blanco Net Worth is increasing continuously over a previous couple of years. He has a net worth of about 15 million dollars, $16 million, 18 million dollars, and $20 million in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, respectively. The monthly income of this singer is about  $40,500. He is earning almost  $10,500  in a week. And can you imagine his daily income? He is earning more than 12 hundred dollars a day. Benny gave many hit songs to the American industry. People love him and like to listen to his beautiful voice and songs.

Recently Benny and Justin Bieber co-sign a song “Lonely”. This song is getting praise from the viewers. Till now almost 122 million people have seen this song. People also love all his albums and these albums pay him off. His famous albums include Benny Blanco, Friends Keep Secrets, Benny Blanco FRIENDS KEEP SECRETS 2, Bangers and Cash Bangers and Cash, and Benny Blanco Spank Rock and Benny Blanco Are Bangers & Cash. 

Lifestyle According to Benny Blanco Net Worth

Lifestyle According to Benny Blanco Net Worth

Benny is one of those people who are living a luxurious life on Earth. His lifestyle is amazing. From his clothes to his shoes, everything is just perfect. The dressing style of Benny is different from all. He never repeats his outfits. He always wears something unique in the market. Different brands also give him clothes for their advertisements.

You can see him easily in T-shirts, hoodies, dress shirts, Pollo shirts, flannel shirts, and many more. He has no specific clothing. Many designers design clothes like that of Benny so his fans can easily follow him. A lot of merchandise is earned from shirts, mugs, and other accessories with Benny’s sign. 

In his songs, he always dressed up according to the theme of the song. If the song is shot in the morning, you can see him in pajamas so it makes you feel that he recently woke up. The themes of his songs are exceptional, that’s why people like his songs. He mostly writes romantic and sad songs. The singers who want to get famous in a couple of months follow his track.

Do you know who is the songwriter and producer of songs by Lana Del Rey, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez, The Weekend, and Halsey? Benny Blanco is the producer of these worldwide famous singers. So now you can estimate the beauty of his songs easily. 

Benny in his interviews says that he is not a talented singer in his point of view. He always wants to be a rapper, and this is his actual profession, so he does always best in writing raps and songs. In his interviews, he often talks about his mentors who helped him to reach this level of fame. He said that he is thankful to people and his mentors who enable him to live such a luxurious life. Benny Blanco Net Worth supports all luxurious things and lifestyle

House supported by Benny Blanco Net Worth

Benny Blanco has almost 4 multi-million dollar homes but the most beautiful and expensive out of them is his house in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. He bought this house from Sean Red for almost 9.2 million dollars. The price of a house shows Benny Blanco Net Worth. The total area of this marvelous house is about  5,589 square feet, and the living area is almost 5,000 square feet. There is a studio for guests that is separate from the house. There are five fully luxurious bedrooms in this house. The house has a double-story building. In addition to bedrooms, there are 2 guest rooms on the 2nd floor. 

Lifestyle According to Benny Blanco Net Worth


This beautiful house has a substantial motor court, but there is no garage in this mansion. Through the house, there are French doors, Hardwood floors, and leaded glass windows. The garden of the house is full of blossoms, which add to the beauty of the house. The house is surrounded by green plants and trees which look like a fairy tale. The outside of the house is so beautiful that you have never seen it before. In the garden of the house, there is a rectangular swimming pool that gives an outstanding look at this house. The crystal clear water in the pool attracts people towards it.

When we go inside the house, we see that the interior decoration of the house is beyond imagination. In this house, there is the furniture of almost 2 hundred dollars that shows the Benny Blanco Net Worth. The bedrooms of the house are fully luxurious, having all the essential furniture for rest. The bathrooms of the house are also large, having incredibly big soaking tubs.

There is high-quality marble in the bathrooms. The kitchen of the house is full of luxuries. There are all types of advanced equipment that are needed for chef kitchens. There is a separate music production room in the house to give full privacy when Benny is working. 

You know that Benny Blanco is a singer, producer, and songwriter. He has written many famous songs for many famous singers. He has also sung many songs. The lyrics that he writes are heart-touching that’s why famous singers such as Justin Bieber, Salina Gomez, and many others choose him for writing their songs. Some of the Famous Songs that enhance Benny Blanco Net Worth are;

  • Khalid Eastside
  • Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger
  • Marshmello You
  • Selena Gomez, I Can’t Get Enough
  • Calvin Harris, I Found You
  • Benny Blanco Unlearn
  • Avicii Lonely Together
  • Major Lazer Cold Water
  • Gym Class Heroes Stereo Hearts
  • Ed Sheeran Don’t


  • Major Lazer Cold Water
  • Ed Sheeran Castle on the Hill
  • Katy Perry California Gurls
  • Chris Brown Freaky Friday
  • Justin Bieber Love Yourself
  • 3OH!3 My First Kiss
  • Benny Blanco, I Can’t Get Enough
  • Jessie J Thunder
  • Juice WRLD Roses
  • Juice WRLD Graduation


Life History of Benny Blanco Joseph Levin

Life History of Benny Blanco Joseph Levin

Benny Blanco was born in Northern Virginia on March 8, 1988. His religion is Jewish. He mostly spent his childhood in Virginia. From his early childhood, he has been interested in singing and lyrics. He produced hip-hop instruments in his little bedroom. He liked to record his own voice. Can you imagine, his first song was released when he was only 5 years old.

He took interest in beat making and singing but later on, he changed his mind and started writing raps. He got offers from different well-known producers to work with them. Dr. Luke was the mentor of Benny Blanco, who taught him several years about songwriting and rapping. He also helped Benny to join Kasz Money Productions. 

During 2007, with this production, Benny co-wrote and produced many hit songs with famous singers such as Katy Perry, Kesha, Tik Tok, and Teenage Dream. In 2008, he started writing songs for Britney Spears, who is the one known singer in Hollywood. One of his songs reached the top 3 hottest Hollywood songs. His song “Circus” is among the highest-selling songs of 2009. He has sold almost 5.5 million copies of his wonderful song. In all these years, Dr. Luke is always with him.

He first produced a song in 2011 without Dr. Luke. In the same year, Benny Blanco released his album. Now you can imagine, by taking little steps, now Benny Blanco Net Worth is so much that everyone wants to reach this level. If anyone wants to be like that, he must struggle like Benny Blanco.

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