Neon Sign: Ultimate Benefits Of Neon Signs And Things To Know About Them

Ultimate Benefits Of Neon Signs

Have you ever considered the benefits of neon signs lighting up your life and business? Alright, great – just thinking about it, you’ve already gotten ahead of the curve.

Neon signs are a tool of considerable influence when it comes to attracting customers to your company. We also offer you a competitive advantage over other retailers, moreover. Why? Since custom neon signs not only offer exposure to your brand, they create buzz as well.

Here is what you need to know about neon, from design best practices and prices.

What are Examples of LED Flex Neon?

When talking about LED Flex Neon, one should consider performance, creativity, and versatility. LED Flex revolutionized the neon sign world. Neon lighting was usually made of glass in the dark times of the olden days and depended on a mixture of neon gas and argon gas. It meant the signage was very delicate and structurally rigid. This changed to LED Flex. If we talk about the benefits of neon signs, these use LED only, which makes the signage more energy-efficient and cost-effective to run. They are also extremely flexible and considered unbreakable, enabling them to be molded into a variety of forms.

LED Flex Neon

Just wait, it’s getting better. Even they are much easier to mount. Modern signs had to be designed by lighting professionals, but the installation of LED Flex is called “entry-level,” meaning that any man, woman, and pet dog can set up items. What you need is a wall to place it on, and a PowerPoint to keep things going. What is it not to love?!

Benefits Of Neon Signs In Your Business

They’ve been around, after all, since 1910. Falling into this obsolete way of thinking is simple but it’s so false. Especially in the age of social media, this is particularly true, you just need to be innovative with your designs. Here are only a few benefits of neon signs that will play into the hands of your business.

Consumer Attractions:

Neon signs speak for themselves. Their first impression is appealing, with their flashing lights and bright colors. This makes it impossible for potential buyers not to consider when you apply that to their desire to be molded into some shape.

Noise Generate:

A well-made neon sign on social media, in particular on Instagram, can create its own following. When done right, prospective buyers can fly to your store just to take photos of your project.

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24/7 Advertising:

neon signs are cheap to run

Since neon signs are cheap to run, you can use them all night long to advertise your business, which builds brand awareness … obviously. This is one of the great benefits of neon signs.

Now, who wouldn’t want to see their company available all day and night?

Varied patterns and shapes:

The LED Flex Neon signs are highly versatile and can be easily shaped into any shape or design. There are infinite possibilities here, whether you want to recreate your logo, an icon, or an inspirational quote.

How long does a neon sign take to make, and how much are we talking about?

You might think the design and creation of a custom neon sign would be costly and time-consuming. Well, we got you good news. It’s not.

We pride ourselves here at Vida Signs on our service and our quick turn-around time. The moment we get a job we start with the production. The design of the signs and the materials are planned.

Then we install the lights onto an acrylic backrest. The next step is to link and inspect the electrical wires, followed by a quality assurance check to ensure everything works properly.

Last but not least, we ship it off to you.

So if you are looking for the benefits of neon signs or laser cut signs you know you have reached the correct place!


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