5 Reasons to Avoid Free Online Streaming Websites for Movies

Avoid Free Online Streaming Websites for Movies

How to avoid free online streaming websites for movies? If you are a movie fan and you have experienced various movies platforms and sources, then you might have an idea about how streaming movies on a free website is no fun. There are a huge number of original and clone websites out there that claim to have very high-quality movies for free but don’t fall for these false claims.

Streaming movies on free websites have many drawbacks and a few of which we will discuss right here. Nothing of value is ever free and the same goes for these so-called streaming platforms.

Reasons To Avoid Free Online Streaming Websites for Movies

Let’s discuss in detail why it is a bad idea to stream your favorite movies on free platforms and why one should always avoid free online streaming websites for movies.

  • Mediocre Video Quality

The number one thing that is necessary for a good movie watching time is the quality of the video. Most free websites don’t offer HD video quality and thus you cannot enjoy the stuff to the fullest.

Websites like Kisscartoon, are somewhat better in terms of video quality but still, it is not easy to find a platform that gives good video quality for every movie that it offers.

Free websites don’t give you any control over video quality which means even if your internet is fast enough and is working fully well, you are still forced to watch the movie in mediocre resolution. Unlike free sites, paid streaming platforms give you full control over video quality which you can adjust depending on your internet speed.

  • Less Variety

Less Variety for free online streaming websites for movies

This is also the main reason to avoid free online streaming websites for movies. Some free sites like Movierulz, etc provide access to many movies from various genres but a vast majority of these platforms don’t. They are not updated on regular basis to include the latest content and thus you can’t watch the new movies for months.

Most free websites contain a few genres and a handful of movies that you can watch anywhere else which is why they are a big waste of time.

The movies are limited on such websites and the variety of genres is also not great. If you are looking for a platform with both old classics and the latest hit movies to watch then free websites, unfortunately, can not work for you.

  • Poor UI and Layout

One thing that directly affects the quality of your online streaming experience is the website layout. Free platforms have poor web designs. It takes much longer to search for a particular movie on a free site due to its poor user interface.

The free movie streaming sites offer a mediocre web design that makes it hard for a person to navigate through the platform and to find what they are looking for. Nobody likes wasting their precious time while searching for the content they want. That is why avoid free online streaming websites for movies.

  • A lot of ads

The more interruptions you face while watching a movie, the less enjoyable it becomes. Most free websites basically work on ads. There are useless pop-ups and backlinks on these sites which make it almost impossible for a person to focus on the content they are trying to watch.

The ads are mostly not even related to your movie searches, they are just random products and services that have no concern with a movie watcher. This is the major drawback that one faces while streaming films on a free website and its only solution are that you switch to legal paid sites.

  • Security Risks

The main reason to avoid free online streaming websites for movies, as we have mentioned before the free sites are poorly developed and the core algorithms of these sites are not very efficient. This poses a huge risk to your data and account information.

 Your online sensitive data and identity are not safe if you continue to watch movies on these free platforms. These websites are a major target of spammers and hackers and they are always active to get people and steal their information.

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 It makes no sense to watch your favorite movies on free sites while putting yourself and your data at a risk. For a fulfilling and safe movie streaming experience, we suggest you avoid these free sites and choose a legal one.

Final Thoughts

Now you know to avoid free online streaming websites for movies is not good for you and why one should always stick with the legal, highly maintained, and quality sites. Due to the above-mentioned reasons, many movie watchers have now stopped streaming free websites and instead are using paid services. 

Recently these free websites have become more draining and useless than fun and that’s why more and more people are subscribing to official streaming services like Netflix or turning towards torrenting.

So once again we suggest you stop using free movie streaming platforms and pick paid ones if you want to have a better experience and a good time while watching your favorite movies.



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