Sometimes ago, a video conferencing platform was introduced named Zoom. Everyone was not familiar with this video conferencing application a few months back, but after the virulent disease of COVID-19, everyone gets familiar with this video conferencing platform. Most of the organizations allow their workers to work remotely. They allowed […]

We believe that you are here because your physical health is currently at risk. You may not be feeling like your optimal self, and this is thus causing you a great deal of distress. Above all, we want you to know that we accompany you throughout this difficult and uncertain […]

The world of work is changing – and changing fast. Research, technology, and economic movements are but a few of the myriad forces flexing their muscle on the world of business, reshaping and redirecting it in many ways. HR professionals, too, have seen an impact. The function and the department […]

Artificial intelligence has been making waves in the world for quite some time now, however, a completely new market is coming up in one of the Asian countries – India.  Yes, the industry experts along with specialists who have been watching the AI market like hawks have revealed that India […]

Education is considered a recession-proof industry. However, when unprecedented situations like a pandemic, hit the economy, sectors like education should expect the worst. Amid worldwide lockdowns lifting off, the sector is still reeling and grappling to return to normal. While schools, universities, and colleges are still shut down, online education […]

Several incidences of credit card fraud in India are reported every year despite improved measures for online and offline card security. Data published by the Reserve bank of India indicates that there are reported instances of 1.17 lakh cases of debit and credit card frauds across the span of April […]